Interested in selling a broken down car? JunkCarsUs many years of practice do not get tired of repeating that it is possible. This article provides tips to help you sell your broken-down car.

  1. Be sure to take pictures of your car from all sides and place your ad on the website
  2. Very often, there are situations when you need to sell a badly damaged car that was involved in an accident. But in most cases, it is not very easy. In order to sell a broken-down car profitable, you need to follow the recommendations of experts, reports
  3. If after the accident the owner of the damaged car has outstanding mutual obligations, the beginning of the sale should be obligatorily coordinated with the company, in which the owner insured the car.
  4. The driver should have all the necessary assessments and appraisals on hand. There are cases when it is not superfluous to get the consent of the investigation committee to sell the car.

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More about the importance of photo

The JunkCarsUs team also believes it is important to be sure to take pictures of the wrecked car from all sides and place an ad for its sale on special sites, in the necessary section. Don’t forget to wash the car before photographing it. This will help to make it more attractive.

Tips for selling

  1. Remember to store your car after an accident in a secured parking lot or garage. If the car is parked in the yard, there is a very good chance that it will be quickly decommissioned.
  2. Determine the initial cost by talking to auto mechanics you know. Do not be afraid to put a big price right away. If there are no calls, the price of a salvage car can easily be reduced.
  3. Be patient. Be prepared to be told that you are selling a “bucket” for so much money. You must understand that the main goal of the buyer is to bring the price down.
  4. The execution of the sale transaction is the most difficult part of selling a car. Before you sell a used car, you need to remove it from the registration, and the buyer will re-register it for himself. But it is quite a complicated procedure. It is much more convenient to buy a car by notarial power of attorney. It should be noted at once that selling a car by proxy is quite risky, so you should well assess all the risks soberly.
  5. In any case, for the sale, it is necessary to draw up a detailed contract of sale, where it is necessarily necessary to specify information about its technical condition, the presence of damage, as well as the real value.
  6. If you are buying a car for parts, in this case, you just need to take it off the register. This ensures your safety. You do not know how the documents for your car may be disposed of in the future.
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