The best mobile POS billing machines offers stellar efficiency. Hence, while choosing the best mobile POS solution for your business, it is crucial to not just look at credit card swipe charges or the fee incurred per transaction, but also the set-up expenditure and the monthly rental.

Today, most merchants are inclined towards procuring compact, handheld Android POS devices instead of the conventional POS Computer Setup with keyboard, mouse, EDC machine, barcode scanner, invoice printer, and so on. 

  • One primary reason for the popularity is that such systems don’t require any specific installation procedures or rigorous training sessions for your cashiers. 
  • Yet another reason is the opportunity to provide a Buy Now Pay Later and Debit Card EMI facility to boost your sale figures in the otherwise bleak pandemic situation. 
  • The overall convenience and user-friendliness of touch screen mobile POS devices are indeed unrivalled.
  • A mobile POS is a better POS choice with respect to ensuring physical distancing amongst customers who are due for checkout and facilitating swift, contact-proof payments.

Factors to consider while choosing the best mobile POS solution for your business

We have come a long way ahead of time. Buying or renting a POS machine used to involve tedious paperwork and exorbitant credit card swipe charges. As a business owner today, you have ample choices to procure an affordable and high-quality mobile POS machine for your business premises. 

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Here are the main factors you must consider to ascertain the best mobile POS choice for your business:

Diversity of Payment Choices

A narrow range of payment options is not sufficient to cater to the diverse choices of customers today. If you want to capture a sizable market segment, make sure your POS choice includes all the relevant digital payment modes for them. 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many customers are unable to make high-value payments upfront. If you don’t want to lose out on them, please ensure that you opt for a mobile POS software integrated with debit card EMI and ‘buy now, pay later’ modes.

Remote Monitoring

The Mobile POS device should be easy to integrate with other devices. So as a business owner, you can sync your phone with the POS and keep a tab on the sales transactions, contactless credit card machine swipe charges, and employee productivity metrics from any location.

Touch Screen and Ease of Navigation

From the point of view of functionality, touch screen mobile POS systems are the most convenient to use. The system is cost-effective as well. In addition, choosing a touch screen Android POS with ease of navigation would be a good choice, keeping in sync with the fast-paced expectations of customers nowadays.

Electronic Invoices and Receipts

One of the most striking POS features in 2021 is the elimination of hard copies of invoices and receipts. With e-receipts, you save on multiple aspects- no paper wastage, no printer installation required, no time and effort wasted in printing paper receipts and invoices. Hence, it would help if you opted for a mobile POS device that generates instant e-invoices and receipts.

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Convenient Backend with Employee Monitoring Features

Always choose a mobile POS that has seamless backend and report generation features. Opting for complex software would require you to invest a lot in training your employees. Also, try to opt for a mobile POS feature that shows you employee login and logout details with their respective work hours logged.

Loyalty Programs Integration

A good POS solution will always provide you with customized options to integrate your loyalty program parameters. From creating individual profiles of loyalty club members to enabling payment using loyalty points or loyalty card swiping, this is a must-have feature for any reputed business establishment.


If you want your business to capture the attention of today’s mobile-savvy generation, using a cutting-edge mobile POS device is pivotal. Cash payments are fading into the fringe, and online payment modes have become mainstream. 

Also, the only way to enhance the purchasing capacity of your loyal client base is by providing them with flexible payment choices like ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, Credit Card EMI, and Debit Card EMI. A holistic POS device that fits your budget while providing the desired functionality is the right choice for your business.


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