Name Change In Canara Bank Account
Name Change In Canara Bank Account

How to change Name in Canara Bank Account ? : Canara Bank is one of the most demanded features when it comes to the banking industry. The Canara Bank Account Name is a very important thing which everyone has even a Man, animal or birds, which is a pet of any of us has a name. I think you have already opened a Canara Bank Account If you know about how to CANARA BANK ACCOUNT OPENING ONLINE PROCESS You can Click this link and learn step by step. If you have a canara bank account in any branch by mistake your name wrong typed so don’t panning you can easily Name Change In Canara Bank Account follow this step carefully.

Name Change In Canara Bank Account : So now let us get started with this steps and check out the steps which you need to follow to Name Change In Canara Bank Account. But before that, I would like to tell you about the documents you should have with you and they are mentioned below.

Name Change In Canara Bank Account
Canara Bank

Documents Required

  • Affidavit of Changing Your Name
  • Change of Name by any Gazette Officer and Gazette Notification
  • Your Aadhaar Card
  • Your Pan Card

Once you have gathered all these four above mentioned documents set, you are all set to Name Change In Canara Bank Account.

  • Write an latter to your Canara Bank Branch Manager The subject of the application letter should be Name Change In Canara Bank Account.
  • Mention your old name In Your Bank Account, the new name, and also mention your Canara Bank account number.
  • Tell your Canara Bank branch manager that you have legally changed the name and want to same to be changed in the Canara Bank account.
  • And also submit photocopy of the documents which are mentioned above like Your AAdhaar Card, Pan Card, Affidavit etc.
  • Make your signature on them and also on the application letter you have written to your Canara Bank branch manager.
  • And form with Attach your photocopies and application letter.
  • And finally, visit your Canara Bank Home Branch and submit the application letter to the bank officials documents.
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This is How to change Name in Canara Bank Account ? While visiting your Canara Bank home branch you should also carry the original copies of the documents which I have mentioned above.

Canara Net Banking – Registration and Log In

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