Are you a beginner in the cryptocurrency world? We don’t blame you. This trend has taken off in recent years, replacing the way young people use their usual savings and checking accounts. Instead of putting money into a retirement account or IRA account, people are now using an online method to help save money, invest in other products, and – hopefully – boost their financial portfolio and increase their return, Have a look at the guide on how to buy Bitcoin with three simple steps.

Although cryptocurrency is risky, it is a dynamic and exciting financial profile that can lead to a great return in the long run. Instead of only getting a very small percentage of interest on your hard-earned money, you can get a big return in a much shorter period with cryptocurrency. But how do you start? How do you purchase cryptocurrency?

There are many questions that beginners are asking in the cryptocurrency world – fortunately for you, we are here to answer them! Let’s discuss one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world today and how you can purchase some to boost your chances of skyrocketing income!

3 steps of how to buy bitcoin for beginners!

So, you have read about the most popular and lucrative cryptocurrency options and have found that Bitcoin consistently tops the list – but why? Bitcoin is an older cryptocurrency that has a higher return on investment than other financial means. This means it is a smart investment when it comes to making money in the long run. Although learning how to buy bitcoin can seem complicated, it is much easier when you follow these three steps.

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Create a cryptocurrency exchange account

Before you can learn how to buy bitcoin, you first need to create a cryptocurrency exchange account, acquire your personal identification documents, have an internet connection, and have a payment method – direct debit or credit card preferably. By creating your account, you ensure that you have created a secure and private method of keeping your money. 

Connect your exchange to a payment option

The second step of how to buy bitcoin is to connect your exchange (bitcoin)to the payment option. Once you have chosen bitcoin on the platform you are using, you need to gather your documents to confirm your identity and legitimacy. Once you do this, you must connect a payment option to buy bitcoin, such as a credit card, debit card, or bank account. 

Place the order

The third step of learning how to buy bitcoin is to place the actual order! Once you have chosen bitcoin and connected the payment account, you can buy any type of cryptocurrency you want. You will most likely be buying bitcoin in very small numbers, such as less than 1 bitcoin. Nowadays, 1 bitcoin is extremely expensive, with the most popular being somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2 bitcoin per purchase.


When learning how to buy bitcoin, you first need to set up an account, verify your identity, confirm your payment method, connect your exchange to the payment option, and place the order for bitcoin! Although it can seem complicated when you first open the bitcoin platform, it is actually quite easy and fast to do – even for beginners in the cryptocurrency world!


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