Even though the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 are the most popular virtual reality (VR) devices now available, even these may have technical issues. The “Oculus Quest 2 Turns On But Screen Is Black” is a problem that many people are encountering, and it is most often seen on portable electronic devices like laptops, Chromebooks, and even Xbox. It would seem that as a result of this, the Quest cannot be activated or utilised.

How to repair the dark screen on the Oculus Quest

Because there are a variety of various factors that might lead to the occurrence of this problem, there are also a variety of different things that can be tried out as possible solutions. Try some of these, which are among the best:

  • Check to see whether the battery has just stopped holding any charge at all. This may seem like a simple step. We are aware that a full charge might take up to 2.5 hours to complete, and that the battery will discharge more quickly if, for example, you have been viewing a movie. Therefore, if you have been using applications that use a lot of power or if you have kept it switched on without recharging the battery, it is possible that it has simply died. Just leave it plugged in and see what happens when you come back later. If it seems that nothing is occurring, you should try using a different cable.
  • You may experiment with playing a game by using the Oculus software on your phone. This will let you know whether the app you’re using is able to recognise your headset. Whether it does, start a game and watch to see if your headset comes back to life after it has been turned off.
  • There is also the possibility that the software on the Quest is now getting an upgrade. Because of this, you should plug it in and then leave it for anywhere between half an hour and an hour before checking on it again. This will guarantee that even if it is in the middle of an update, it will still have enough power to finish the process even if it was in the middle of it.
  • To access the Oculus menu, open the menu by pressing the menu button located on your left controller and then press the Oculus button located on your right controller. Whether this does the trick, you should try opening an application to see if it fixes the problem.
  • Purge any debris from the proximity sensor. To remove any muck that may have built up, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it down. The next step is to try covering the sensor and seeing whether or if the screen begins to function normally again.
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What seems to be the primary source of the issue in the first place?

As you can see, there is a wide variety of plausible explanations for why you are encountering this issue. They might be as simple as a dead battery or as complicated as an incomplete software update. They come in a wide variety of forms.

The problem may also be brought on by faulty hardware or software, which might potentially be the more dangerous of the two possibilities. If we have progressed to this point in the discussion, then the most probable course of action for you would be to have your hardware fixed or replaced (depending on the terms of the warranty), whichever is applicable.

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