Shipping a car can be cost-effective depending on several factors, such as the vehicle size and route taken.

Finding the most competitive auto transport price is easier when using a broker. These companies have access to thousands of carriers and can match you with the ideal carrier for your vehicle’s needs.

Time of year

When shipping your car across the country, the time of year you select can make a big difference in its speed of arrival. Most auto transport companies aim for delivery within one week; however, distance, weather and other factors may cause that timeline to extend.

Winter in Europe can be particularly unpredictable, with some haulers even cancelling routes due to extreme cold conditions in certain locations.

Drivers may be in short supply during this period, meaning your wait time could be extended. This may result in higher transportation costs since extra fees might need to be paid to guarantee your car arrives on schedule.

Enclosed or open carrier ship

There are two primary types of trailers used for shipping cars: open and enclosed.

Enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport, but it’s the best choice for luxury vehicles and classic automobiles that need extra protection during shipping. Plus, choosing this option gives you added peace of mind during the shipping process.

Open carriers offer an economical and efficient auto shipping solution, enabling them to transport more cars at once. Unfortunately, open carriers are more vulnerable to damage caused by weather elements.

The most common type of carrier for car transport is an open trailer, which lacks exterior walls. While this method of car shipping may be faster and cheaper than enclosed transport, it’s also more prone to damage.

Many car dealerships offer open carrier shipping of new vehicles to their clients, but this isn’t the only option available. Before making a final decision about how you want to transport your car, research all possible options available and weigh them against each other. You can click the link: for more information.

When selecting a transport method, open or enclosed, you should consider how it will impact your vehicle and schedule. Furthermore, consider whether expedited delivery is available; this option is perfect for those who require their vehicle quickly.

Costs vary based on vehicle type, make and model, as well as shipping distance. Newer or larger cars tend to be costlier to ship due to their larger size on a carrier truck that takes up more space on the truck and requires more labor for loading into the car.


Auto transport insurance is an ideal way to protect your car while it’s being shipped. It covers any common damage that could occur during shipment and even helps cover any stolen or damaged parts of the vehicle while in transit. Be sure to read through the policy thoroughly and obtain it in writing before agreeing to any terms of the contract.

Most car transport companies carry liability insurance that will safeguard you in case the carrier causes injury or property damage to another person while transporting your car. The best auto transport company available will take the time to talk through your coverage with you. Though not mandatory, having this coverage can be advantageous if you live in an area prone to traffic accidents.

In addition to liability insurance, most carriers carry cargo coverage as well. This coverage varies from company to company but typically provides up to $350,000 worth of protection during shipment.

A reliable insurance policy should include details regarding coverage limits and types of losses covered. You may want to consult your own insurer to see if there are any policy exclusions that might apply.

Selecting a reliable and professional carrier is essential for guaranteeing your car arrives safely at its destination. Auto transport insurance requirements are stringent, so take the time to find a carrier who is honest about their policies and details.

Verifying that a carrier has both liability and cargo insurance can be done by checking its MC number or USDOT number. You can learn more about USDOT numbers by clicking the link. This will give you assurance that the company operates legally, has an impeccable delivery history, and no issues have arisen during delivery of vehicles.

The carrier should issue you with a valid insurance certificate that clearly details the type of coverage and insurers they work with. Furthermore, they should be able to explain the policies to you clearly.

Brokers may provide supplemental insurance as part of their due diligence process. While this can be a helpful resource, it should never serve as your only source for transportation-related insurance needs.

Knowing the factors that go into the price of auto transport can help you plan your shipping costs ahead of time. If possible, this planning can save you hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars on this service.


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