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You are probably under the impression that offering high-quality products in a diverse variety is all it takes to rule the e-com sector for years. To tell the truth, you are not the only one who believes this since it is a widespread belief among e-commerce retailers. However, this is entirely incorrect; in reality, offering the best user experience is the secret to a prosperous business. Here are the expert tips on Improving Your E-Commerce Customer Service.

Why do you think an e-commerce store that only established a month ago has flourished while those that have been in business for years are still struggling to hit even the break-even point? It’s simple, the former has delivered excellent user experience and customer service, while the latter has delivered terrible service.

You might be surprised to learn that cart abandonment rates are rising. This revelation is not to scare you but rather to highlight the consequences of bad service. To help you with this ongoing struggle, here’s what to do to ensure that your sales from new and existing customers continue to rise.

Leverage software

To save time and effort on customer relationships and engagements, it is preferable to let technology take control. After all, it leaves a poor impression when consumer phones and their questions are passed around to numerous personnel. Believe me, no one enjoys repeating themselves just to have their concerns unresolved.

I suggest that you start leveraging Customer Relationship Manager to keep up with customers and satisfy all of their requirements. CRM significantly simplifies the procedure, keeps you in touch with your customers, and creates a positive impression.  Salesforce is the best CRM provider out there and you can become a master of Salesforce CRM by choosing the right Salesforce Certification training. Salesforce is the best CRM provider out there and you can become a master of Salesforce CRM by choosing the right Salesforce Certification training. Offering the greatest services also assures you win their confidence and, as a result, their repeat purchases.

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You can also make use of programs that assists you in managing returns, as here’s where the majority of e-commerce traders fall short in terms of service. You can choose any return manager that you believe is appropriate for your business and suits your budget. As an example, consider a FedEx e-commerce return manager. It is an app that links you to the FedEx delivery and tracking network. You can arrange a FedEx pickup at your customer’s doorstep for today or the next working day.

This makes your job pretty more straightforward, and since there’s no manual task, it includes fewer errors and inconvenience. When it comes to excellent e-commerce service, if you embrace each thing, I just said 90% of your load is released.

Multi-channel approach

If you want to withstand the intense competition in the e-commerce sector, you must find the ideal medium for customer service. Sure, applications and software exist to simplify things, but it is also important to show them a human element to business.

You may do this by implementing a multi-channel technique, which means making your service available wherever your customers are, whether on various social media channels, phone calls, direct e-mails, live chats, and so on.

This will enable you to provide high-quality service and establish goodwill. However, services should be consistent across all channels, and quality should be maintained as well.


Customers no longer make purchases from e-commerce merchants based only on ads through blog articles, e-mails, and other promotional materials. It’s time to embrace the idea of selling through stories. Storytelling offers the customer a reason to connect and engage. Publish your finest stories regularly to establish your brand in their minds.

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However, storytelling must be done in a way to acquire their trust and faith. It should not impact a particular segment of the population or hurt religious/moral values. Instead, it should be honest and unbiased while still making them feel attached enough to order your products right away.

Sufficient inventory

You don’t want your existing and, most importantly, new customers to see that you’re out of stock and lure them to other e-commerce sites yourself, do you? Because they aren’t going to wait for you to stock up on supplies. As a result, to meet consumer demand on time, you must estimate your inventory needs in advance.

However, you must have enough stock on hand by computing your reorder point. Calculating the reordering point and stocking up accordingly saves the surplus amount of inventory carrying cost and eliminates the need to replace the extra stock.

Ask feedback

A brand can only exist if its customers are satisfied, and the easiest method to find out if your consumers are happy or not is to get feedback from them. After each customer interaction:

  • Invite them to fill out simple surveys
  • Ask them to write a review for your website and social media sites
  • Send them a follow-up message or a mail.

Their feedback on the experience will help you determine where you stand and what you should do to enhance it.

These are the top five strategies you should follow if you want your e-commerce firm to flourish. There is no other route to success but to have happy customers.

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