The famous Perfect Money system has become known to the world since 2007 and already, in 2011, conquered the global cryptocurrency market. Millions of large financial transactions are carried out on this platform, and the number of regular satisfied users is increasing. But along with a million luxurious little things, some disadvantages make you avoid the platform or use it as a reliable virtual wallet.

Straight to the point – pros and cons

Each electronic system implements a massive list of capabilities, but you can’t do without negative aspects. Of course, you can buy Perfect Money even after reading the general description, but you can only get real benefits if you weigh it and carefully study the nuances.


  • there is no need to pay tax on income from financial manipulations;
  • deposit property – the completed Perfect Money replenishment will bring 4% of net profit accrued on the current balance;
  • an extensive partnership program has been formed;
  • interaction with many investment programs;
  • after complete verification, the transaction fee is significantly reduced;
  • complex modern protection.


  • it is essential to replenish Perfect Money without errors – any loss of funds is not refundable;
  • it is impossible to sell or buy Perfect Money e-Voucher USD directly from bank cards – you will have to work through an intermediary;
  • Despite the available lending service, its conditions could be better.

Such a simple formulation of comparisons will allow you to determine the degree of risks as accurately as possible and choose the right course of action.

Tariffs, replenishment, and withdrawal of funds

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No one works for thanks, especially not a cryptocurrency platform. The owners receive the main profit from commissions on transfers, and an insignificant additional profit comes from selling other or related services. When you plan to exchange the PM e-Voucher to Tether TRC20 (USDT), you need to focus on the average market rate of first the dollar or euro, then Tether, and only then the desired currency by concentrating on the prices of intermediaries Often, exchangers are ready to carry out transactions directly from dollars/euros to perfect.

The system charges from 0.5% to 1.99%, depending on the degree of verification.

You can top up your wallet in the following ways:

  • exchangers – with the right intermediary, the transaction will be formed with a specific benefit even before it is credited to the account and subsequent investment;
  • e-Voucher method – for those who prefer to work with vouchers;
  • Swift transfers – rarely used due to long execution times and high commissions;
  • conversion through a Tether wallet is a rather tricky option since the exchange rate is unstable, and it is difficult to predict the price of a specific operation;
  • credit exchanges – high commissions and the complexity of the process make them in demand by specialized clients.

Withdrawals are made using the same methods listed above. Everyone chooses an acceptable way for themselves, focusing on further individual needs.

Which exchanger to choose?

Finding the perfect partner can take a little time. Individuals or private offers are at risk of being deceived, and an attempt to get more benefits can result in full-fledged bankruptcy.

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Today, the best solution is platforms that enable small intermediaries to operate. All exchange sites carefully check each merchant.

The internal system verifies absolute currency reserves and generates security guarantees for both parties. The convenient format of a single table is a way to save time searching for a suitable deal. After all, evaluating the available conversion amount, completion time, cost of the procedure, and course is essential.

When formalizing cooperation, the course is usually fixed, which means a peaceful sleep while waiting for enrollment.

The main thing that should not be allowed is haste and hasty analysis of proposals. Analysis of the components will help you get additional benefits when withdrawing funds.


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