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The Cryptos took the world by storm with its high-end technology like Blockchain. They have turned people from rags to riches. It is why around 46 million people in the USA own some kind of Cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin is the oldest and the most promising Cryptocurrency in the world. It has the highest market cap. Are you in the same league as the others? Trade Crypto safely with

Before investing, you must have a good idea regarding Bitcoin. There are surprising facts about Bitcoin that you can explore. Let’s start the discussion here.

Surprising Facts About The Bitcoin 

There are some facts about Bitcoin that you need to know. But some facts surprise you. We discuss some of the facts that can turn your head. We know you can not wait any longer. So let us try to get to know them here.

1. Do You Know That 20% Of Bitcoins Have Been Lost Forever?

Yes, you have heard it right. Twenty percent of the total number of Bitcoin that exists have been lost forever. The Bitcoin has been lost, or it got stuck in the wallets. Therefore, they could not be accessed any further. This might be because anonymous creators have held the initial Bitcoins (about 1.1 million of them). Unfortunately, some of them passed away and did not share access. This is the reason they could not be accessed any further. 

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2. There Have Been A Total Of 668 Million Bitcoin Transactions 

Bitcoin was launched in the year 2009 with 668 million coins. This denotes that people can have around six hundred and sixty-eight million coins in existence. According to one study, around 265714 transactions take place each day. 

3. El Salvador Has Ratified Bitcoin As The Legal Tender! 

Bitcoin has really been great in its overall journey so far. They have been so successful that they invited millions of people from around the world to own them. 

Cryptocurrency comes with such great features that it can literally challenge the traditional economic system run centrally by a country’s central bank. 

The most important development is that El Salvador became the first country to accept cryptocurrency as legal tender. The president of the country declared it officially. Bitcoin will not replace the fiat currency (USD) but will run parallelly with the other fiat currency. 

4. Liberland

In the year 2015, a micronation was formed between Serbia and Croatia. Thus a micronation was formed. A politician, publicist, and activist, Vit Jedlicka was declared the president of the newfound land. 

Furthermore, the government has officially ratified Cryptocurrency as the country’s official currency. 

5. Only 21 Million!

You might be surprised to know that only 21 million Bitcoins exist. If the buyers buy all the Bitcoins, they will not be able to use more than the number. This is important to note that the majority of Bitcoin has already been mined.

In terms of numbers, that’s around 18.8 million. This denotes the buyers have brought around 90% of the total number of Bitcoins. 

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6. 100000 Bitcoin Millionaires!

The remark Bitcoin has transformed people from rags to riches is not an exaggeration of an empty vaunt. On the contrary, it is a fact and reality today. 

Though there are no official figures on the Bitcoin millionaires, according to a study and assumption made by BitInfoCharts, currently, there are 98180 people whose BTC offerings are worth close to 1 million dollars or more. 

Forbes included 12 billionaires in the list of 2021 Billionaires. But at the same time, it also needs to be said that there are many people that have lost their Cryptos because of the volatility of the Cryptocurrency. So investment in Bitcoin does not imply that you are destined to turn a millionaire. On the contrary, you need to invest smartly! 

Bit-Clution !!

It can not be refuted that Bitcoin is highly promising and has brought huge development in the business arena. With technology like the Blockchain, Bitcoin has indeed been a great tool to counter the recession. However, the best thing that Bitcoin produces is Transparency, which is one of the most important things in itself.


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