Brothers Mike and Bob Bryan are known as the best doubles tennis players in the history of the sport. If you want to wager on fantastic kabaddi players you can visit the website.

Both of them had an incredible career in doubles tennis. They obtained most of their achievements playing together. However, from time to time they also partnered with other players in order to win matches and tournaments. If you like to wager on doubles tennis, the best place where you can do that is the 1xBet online betting platform.

Now the question is, did the Bryan brothers ever play singles tennis? The answer is yes. But of course, most of their career took place as doubles players.

Bob Bryan’s singles career

None of the brothers had huge achievements as singles players. However, Bob was by far a better singles player than his brother Bryan. You can make tennis and kabaddi live betting on 1xBet, where the best players of these disciplines are available.

Bob Bryan was quite a good singles player in his junior career. In fact, in 1998 he was number 1 in the junior tennis ranking of the United States. In the same year he obtained the Triple Crown of the NCAA. This award is given to a tennis players who obtains the following achievements:

  • winning the NCAA’s singles trophy;
  • winning the doubles trophy of the same organization;
  • and also obtaining the team trophy of the NCAA.

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Bob Bryan was also extremely successful in the Davis Cup. He won 26 matches and lost 5 in doubles. He also has a positive record in singles, winning four and losing two contests.

16 matches

Mike Bryan played a staggering 1523 professional doubles tennis matches. There are amazing tennis odds and betting at 1xBet, where profitable wagers can be made in both singles and doubles matches. By comparison, he played only 16 singles matches, winning five and losing the other 11.

For example, the player only had one participation in a singles Grand Slam. He reached the first round of the 2001 edition of the US Open.

Bryan was extremely successful in the Davis Cup, giving lots of doubles wins to the United States. By contrast, he only played one singles match for the team. It took place in 2008 against Austrian player Stefan Koubek. Unfortunately for the American he was forced to retire from the match.

Maybe the singles records of the Bryan brothers aren’t really impressive. However, they were absolute legends when it came to doubles tennis. You can find great tennis betting odds and betting opportunities at 1xBet, where the most profitable wagers can be made on singles and doubles.


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