The Chair Model

After working hard for months, finally your company is all set to launch the new product line. It is going to be a massive change for your firm and will help in boosting is growth to the next level. So, to let people know more about this new product line, you are planning to host a big party or promotional event. The Chair Model –

Organizing a proper event is not that simple as it seems. The most important part is that you have to deal with the best event planners, to help decorate the venue and make it look more professional. One way to turn your basic event into a five-star gathering is by using the power of chair covers

You have to get some comfortable seats for your invitees as they won’t be standing all along to enjoy your show. For that, chairs play an important role. However, it is important to know that with simple covers, you can easily change the overall look of your chair.

Determining the right chair model:

Well, you will be amazed to know that based on the chair model, the covers are subject to change. Before you even plan to purchase your covers, you have to determine the right chair models as available in the venue. In case you aren’t sure of the chair types, don’t forget to ask venue manager or event coordinator for the same.

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Go in with banquet chairs:

The first important style has to be the banquet chairs. These chairs are quite popular when it comes to event planning business these days. You can find them in restaurants, hotels and in event halls as well. Nowadays, these chairs are available in crown tops, round tops, and in square tops. Among the lot, round tops are the most common examples.

Now for the folding chairs:

Then you have folding chairs to give out a try for that casual seating arrangement than the banquet ones. The style options are available in metal and Samsonite and known to last for the lifetime once purchased. The covers will be different for folding chairs too.

  • The folding aspect of such chairs will make it easier for the items to move and then transport. 
  • These are mostly known as the economical chair option.
  • It will easily take place in a rustic environment like outdoor garden or barn.
  • These chairs are well embellished with the right covers, in order to give out that more refined look.

Chiavari chairs:

Also known as Tiffany chairs, these Chiavari chairs are quite popular and stylish among the masses and a huge popular choice right away! These chairs are beautiful on their own and mostly don’t need covers. 

But, if you want, you can pair it up with equally designer chair covers or caps, which will transform the seats into whimsical chairs for wedding receptions and for the sweetheart tables!

Get the one you want!

Depending on the chair style, the covers are subject to change. Go through all the possible options and then make way for the right selection over here for now.


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