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EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a direct marketing technique supported by the US Postal Service USPS. This is a program that promotes businesses to every door of the neighborhood following a specified route. The best aspect of EDDM services is that the business can easily reach potential customers without worrying about mailing addresses. Since there is no mailing list required, the postal rate is cost-effective and thereby preferred by primarily small-scale businesses. Businesses experience benefits using Every Door Direct Mail marketing, and henceforth incorporating it in their advertising methods as well.

The working mechanism of EDDM

EDDM enables businesses to concentrate on printing their marketing content and other business aspects, like customer services, marketing campaigns, sales, and so on.  The distribution of marketing content is handled seamlessly by the US postal services. This means that the businesses don’t have to spend time and money on reaching every potential prospect and their contact details. The US Postal Service offers businesses competitive price rates for EDDM printing. Thus, the return on investment or ROI is also profitable. The direct marketing program is primarily used by small-size and medium-sized businesses.

Key features of EDDM services

EDDM services prove to be beneficial for businesses. Some of the key features include:

  • Easily targets customers

Since EDDM services target specific neighborhoods with advertising, the mailing gets delivered directly to potential customers.

  • Flexible services

EDDM services offer a wide range of sizes which is perfect for content of all sizes. Businesses can advertise from short sales content to detailed product and service descriptions.

  • A plethora of marketing options

One of the highlighting aspects of EDDM services is that businesses can choose from a wide array of marketing formats, starting from event calendars, store maps, coupon codes, menus, and so on. This helps to entice more customers.

Why consider EDDM?

Marketing locally

EDDM service providers function by delivering mail to every household along a particular route. There is no need to consider individual addresses and contact information. The businesses can focus on delivering marketing content to the entire neighborhood directly without wasting time and money on mailing lists. The business only needs to suggest the delivery date, and carrier routes, and the rest will be handled by the postal services.

No limit to posting

Another benefit of incorporating the Every Door Direct Mail method is that there are no postal limits. When a business invests in a specific number of mailing, it doesn’t require investing in an additional cost for purchasing postal permits. The US Postal Service renders certain EDDM permits to businesses utilizing direct mail marketing. This helps to save time and also the expense for the business. The permit ensures that the postcards are not mailed along with the mass mailings.

Discounts and other benefits

Yet another advantage that attracts businesses to seek direct mail marketing like EDDM services is their ability to offer discounts directly to the customers. This helps retain existing customers and also attract new customers. The majority of skincare product lines and other retail stores make use of EDDM services in the form of coupon codes and discount offers. This encourages potential prospects to visit the stores repeatedly and make a purchase that is otherwise not necessary.

Easily and hassle-free targets

One of the most popular benefits of EDDM is that it can be used to target potential customers efficiently. The EDDM marketing campaigns are based geographically and even supported by the history of customers’ purchasing behavior. Furthermore, the entire process of marketing and promoting the business is also easy and simple. A business simply needs to design and print postcards and brochures, bundle them together with a slip, and deliver them to the postal service with the required payment. The rest of the services will be handled by the US Postal services.


From the above-mentioned features and advantages, it is clear that businesses benefit from EDDM services. The multiple benefits offered by EDDM is the reason behind small-size and mid-sized businesses incorporating the direct mail marketing technique. EDDM is also one of the most budget-friendly techniques to promote and advertise for small businesses. Since the promotion is local. Businesses can curtail a huge expense since there is no need to send long-distance mail.


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