Coaches need to have a tool that keeps client information, scheduling, follow-ups and more organized. A CRM is a great solution to help you do this and keep your clients happy!

The right client management software should help you track and organize your client’s progress, making it easy for you to see their current goals. It should also give you access to valuable feedback from your clients to improve your services. This tool is a good example of one the rest include:

Book Like A Boss

If you’re a coach, trainer, consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur, Book Like A Boss is an ideal solution for scheduling your clients. It’s a web-based platform that lets you create a custom booking page and take payments online.

Perfect for solopreneurs, it syncs with Google Calendar and works around your schedule to avoid double booking and missing meetings.

It also includes a variety of features that help you close more sales. These include automatic email and SMS reminders, coupons, custom domains, testimonials, FAQs, marketing material, social media links, a contact system, and cloud hosting.

It also integrates with third-party tools like Mailchimp, PayPal, and Stripe. Zapier makes it easy to automate sending information between these web apps without the need for code.


HoneyBook is an online client management software designed for wedding industry professionals, such as photographers, invitation designers, wedding planners and DJs. It offers CRM (customer relationship management), pipeline management, invoicing, time tracking and automated workflows.

The platform offers a dashboard for viewing and tracking various stages of a project. It also keeps invoices and contracts in one place.

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Its payment system makes it easy for coaches to receive payments from clients through credit, debit and bank transfers. HoneyBook also provides customer support to handle any payments or disputes.


Delenta is a coach-focused platform that helps coaches automate the entire coaching process. It offers marketing, invoicing, client relationship management and more tools, plus a client-facing portal and smartphone apps.

The platform is designed to help coaches of all stages and budgets grow their businesses efficiently and track progress. It offers scaleable features and pricing, so you can add more as your business grows.

Delenta also makes it easy to sell packages and automates invoicing through integrations with payment processors such as Stripe. This means that coaches don’t have to create and send invoices manually, as all their clients can access their invoices through the client portal.


When choosing a software solution to help you run your coaching business, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your company. This includes your business size, type of clients and employees, and the industry you support.

The right client management software helps you keep track of client progress and create customized content. It also lets you craft pathways for your coaching clients, making it easy to set up exercises and assignments based on current positive psychology research.

Fons is a great tool for appointment-based businesses because it streamlines the whole process of scheduling, billing, and payment. It saves you hours of unbillable admin time and allows your clients to pay via online channels directly from the invoice.

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Satori is one of the best coaching client management software tools on the market. It’s a complete CRM for coaches that automates all the key aspects of running your coaching business.

It offers a wide range of features, including client tracking, appointment and scheduling, mobile app, invoicing, automatic billing, coaching contracts, course creation, branding tools, and more. An appointment reminders app can help you sending reminders to your clients, they are more likely to remember their appointment and show up on time.

It also has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to set up coaching packages and individualized programs. It even has automated reminders that let you keep your clients on track and remind them to follow up with their action items.

Practice Better

Practice Better is a platform that aims to help health professionals manage their clients and their practices. It offers scheduling, payments, and other features aimed at improving the client experience.

Its telehealth feature allows health professionals to communicate with their patients via an online platform. It also provides a central hub for storing clients’ data.

However, it lacks a way to build custom health regimens for each client. This can be important for creating recommendations that are specific to their unique health concerns and goals.

Thousands of practitioners use Practice Better to run their coaching practices, and its intuitive design helps them save time and hassle. Its form builder makes it easy for clients to fill in and sign forms and waivers, and its scheduling and payment features are convenient.


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