Moving out is as time-consuming as safely relocating into a new apartment, if not more so. As thrilling as it is to move into your new four-bedroom penthouse or park-facing condo, you must not lose sight of your obligations. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to pack your belongings and relocate your entire family. Moving out does not happen in this manner.

Make a checklist and follow it. Numerous responsibilities revolve around moving and transferring. You’d be shocked at how many items you overlook or overlook while moving out. Don’t worry; we’ve created a relocation checklist, particularly for you.

This is not only vital, but you must also be cautious when dealing with your landlord’s finances for the last time. You must be aware that you are entitled to get your entire security deposit refunded.

Any outstanding invoices or accounts will be deducted from your security deposit. Likewise, give them adequate time to inspect the entire property. If any loss occurs as a result of your negligence, you must be truthful and forthright to have your security deposit returned.

  • Notification Period

It is also required for the landlord to get the notice period before you leave. Numerous tasks must be completed before you leave the apartment. You would also have a slew of obligations without which you would be unable to move. The notice time varies and is determined by your lease. You could also consult with your landlord before making any final decisions.

  • Get Rid of Old Item


You can call it a garage sale or a contribution. It would be preferable if you left superfluous items behind. If your furniture is outdated or does not match the décor of your new home. This is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of unneeded products in good shape.

  • Utility Formalities 

What could be worse than receiving a big electricity bill at the end of a scorching summer? Attempting to bargain with the power company after you’ve moved out and multiple AC systems have been charged for new residents. Often, the relocation company can handle this for you. But, you must also notify the providers that you are relocating and transferring facilities to the new address.

  • Create a separate list of the items to be moved.

Keep a record of all the items you are boxing as you pack and seal your boxes. You must number, label, and make a list of them so that you can simply communicate with and direct the movers. It would also be simple to keep things running smoothly.

  • Prepare Your Arrangements Ahead of Time

It is vital to plan ahead of time to avoid panicking at the last minute. Whether you move at a specific time of year or not, you’ll have to deal with a mass relocation or an influx of students leaving after graduation or to a new home until the following academic year. If there is a delay in getting out of your existing residence and to your new place, hire storage space to accommodate your belongings until you are available for it.

  • Professional Service Scheduling

Before you leave, make sure you leave the place sparkling clean (regardless of the condition you found it in). Make the necessary calls and schedule an inspection beforehand, so you can inform your landlord that everything is in good working order. Second, it is advisable to engage a professional cleaning service. Cleaning should not be one of the many errands associated with moving out.

  • Change of Address

This is critical since you do not want your emails to be delivered to your old address. Make sure to change your address on time to avoid any issues. Change your address at the post office, the office, and on other official documents. Make sure your address is up to date on your online delivery accounts and applications.

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When you plan to move out, it is even more important to have a checklist ready. There are numerous errands to run. Together with it, several formalities must be completed. Take a careful look around once you’ve moved out and feel confident that all of the points have been checked. Check that no personal items have been left behind.

Examine the nooks and crannies of the property to discover if any servicing or work is required. Take pictures of the entire flat to avoid confusion (or blame of any sort). Before you depart, make sure to return the apartment keys and paperwork.



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