It is not always convenient to work with large files because it is difficult to send them, and storing large volumes on the disk is also problematic, especially if your device does not have much memory. So to make it easier to send and store a document, you should use a PDF software editor, where you can easily compress it. This is ideal for sharing and sending information in electronic form. You can combine a PDF and compress it to a smaller size without much trouble using online services, and its quality is not lost. Modern optimizers are designed with the latest conversion and compression technologies. They enable users to work not only with text documents but also images, charts, and tables, and the process itself is simple, efficient, and does not take much time.

How to Compress a PDF Online

There are online tools and platforms that enable users to write on PDF online, merge PDF documents, take advantage of PDF splitter, as well as convert files from PDF to Word. At the same time, you do not need to install them on your device and pay money for their use. It is for these reasons such services are very popular among users. The most popular ones include:

  • Ilovepdf. The most useful and absolutely free application where you can easily reduce the size of PDF documents. With its help, you can compress, as well as edit a PDF online. You can also perform a number of operations in it: convert files to Powerpoint, extract information to an Excel spreadsheet, add page numbers, insert watermarks, rotate and crop documents, protect them with passwords, repair damaged PDF documents, and sign them. To start the compression process, you need to select the function “compress PDF” on the main page of the website, then select the source file, specifying the path to its storage (disk or cloud). Thus, the necessary file is downloaded to the platform. After you need to decide on the compression ratio. It can be extreme, recommended, and low. Often the best and automatic option used is “recommended compression”, while the quality of the document does not change. There is also a free version of this service that can be downloaded to your device and used offline. This application is compatible with devices powered by Windows and Mac.
  • Smallpdf. The principle of the application operation is identical to Ilovepdf, but additional functionality is available only with a subscription. To compress files you need to open documents on your hard drive. Unfortunately, this project does not allow you to download documents for compression from the cloud. This is a serious disadvantage. Once a file is uploaded to the platform, it can be viewed. To process it, you should select the compression rate. It is worth mentioning that the “basic level” is free, and the “strong” one is paid.
  • The versatile application enables you to compress files in a couple of clicks, and you can download files from both the disk and the cloud. With the classic method or by dragging and dropping files from folders, you can choose the necessary PDF document. It is also possible to download them from Google Drive, or Dropbox, or indicate a link. There are no paid features and quality settings for compression on this platform. After successful compression, the document can be easily saved to your hard drive or cloud service.
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All users can freely choose any suitable option for themselves based on what functionality they need. Today there are many different services on the Internet’s virtual expanses. Some of them allow users to download files up to 50Mb, some limit their size to 100Mb, and others do not have any restrictions, while the levels of quality that they all have are almost the same.


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