Ah, good ol’ Mary Jane. It’s no wonder a lot of people find different ways to smoke it.

If you’ve spent a great deal of time hanging out with Mary Jane and bongs, you’re probably a very chill person. The truth is that bongs are incredibly popular among people nowadays and the awesome thing about them is that there are so many options to choose from. There’s nothing quite like lighting it up and letting relaxation take over you completely, right?

While you were researching options to make your bong collection even bigger, you’ve probably came across percolator bongs. Now, don’t let this name confuse you, because this is yet another bong, but with awesome perks.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, then you’re probably wondering what a percolator bong does and why it is so popular. Don’t sweat it because we’ve got you covered friend! Take a peek at this link if you’re curious to know more https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjk797/how-to-buy-and-use-a-bong-vice-guide.

The more you find out about this interesting product and what sets it apart from a regular bong, the more eager you’ll be to find the best online site and order one for yourself.

There’s nothing better than trying out new products that offer different and exciting new experiences. But, enough beating around the bush. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s a Percolator Bong?

Most smokers, if not all of them, consider percolators an essential accessory and we don’t blame them one bit! A bong’s perc has three primary functions: preventing water from splashing back into the user’s mouth, reducing the temperature of the smoke, and providing additional filtration.

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They’re not necessary for using a bong, but they’ve become the norm. Some bongs can have a percolator attached to them if they don’t already.

Here, we’ll go through the uses and advantages percolators that can be added to water pipes. First, though, we should define this thing called a percolator.

The purpose of using a bong is to improve the overall quality of person’s smoking experience. In contrast, flavor is what you’re after when you dab. The awesome thing is that the smoke will be cooled and filtered better by a percolator. Each of the many varieties of percolators has its own unique effect. Discover more info on this page.

How Does a Perc Work?

The percolator is typically dome-shaped, though it can come in a wide variety of wild and bizarre forms these days. It serves as an extra water chamber for your bong and is typically housed in the bong’s tube. It’s another filtration step for your smoke because it contains water.

Now let’s get to the fun part! The smoke from the bong mixes with the water in the bowl after being exhaled. The smoke has a second encounter with the water in the percolator as it ascends the tube.

The smoke is cooled and filtered more effectively in two ways thanks to this method. First, the smoke might once again come into touch with the water, which will have a cooling effect. It also increases the area across which smoke can cool the water, so reducing its temperature once more.

The pressure inside the percolator causes the bubbles to collapse and become much smaller, completing the process. This will also result in a more refreshing and weed-tastic bong session.

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Can It Affect My High?

First of all, a percolator will definitely reduce the temperature of your smoke. This amazing little product was designed to reduce the resistance encountered when inhaling smoke. So, our advice to you is to try a bong with a percolator if you find it difficult to hit a standard bong.

The more pressing issue, though, is whether or not this reduces the intensity of your high. It is a common misconception that using a percolator will result in a greater rate of THC uptake. Whether this was the news you were hopping for or not, we want you to know that using a percolator bong won’t get you any more stoned than using a standard bong.

In reality, there is a marginal increase in THC loss in percolator-equipped bongs compared to the regular ones. Since THC is insoluble in water, the extra water has no effect, but more is lost through the extra chamber’s glass.

But, don’t let this burst your bubble friend because the minor variation won’t have any discernible effect on your high. In fact, most weed enthusiasts say it’s well worth it because of how much easier it is to get high.

The Benefits

So, you want to know the percs of using this amazing product? See what we did there? One main benefit we want you to know is that your smoking experience will be ten times better than before. Yay!

Oh, and do you know what else? The terpenes in your smoke of choice contain countless flavors, and the smoother your hit, the more of those flavors you’ll be able to enjoy.

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The best way to learn about the various percolator bongs is to test them out for yourself. At first, buy something basic and inexpensive that can be maintained with minimal effort. More sophisticated and fancy percs give diminishing results if you aren’t ready to devote the time and effort into maintaining them.

But, don’t you worry because if you end up loving your perc bong, you will have no problem maintaining it properly. In fact, you’ll want to use it ASAP, so that means you won’t see its maintenance as a tedious chore.

How to Clean It?

Cleaning a bong with several percolators is a breeze if you have a good bong cleaner and cleaning caps. That way, you may give the bong a good shake to distribute the cleaning solution throughout the percolator. But, don’t you dare try to use salt.

Using salt to clean a bong with several percolators is problematic because the salt can get stuck in the tiny holes before it dissolves.


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