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A Professional Scrum Master is a team member in an enterprise who is responsible for creating a well organised and product-focused yet enjoyable environment for a development team of an enterprise. This, in turn, promotes innovation and provides space for creating better quality products. 

Scrum is a  framework of the Agile environment that helps an enterprise to develop successful products in quick succession. Agile coaches and Scrum Masters are in high demand who can handle scrum at an enterprise level as there are not many scrum masters in this field.

With a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification, you will be able to show that you are more knowledgeable and skillful in the Agile framework than those who do not have a certification. In the PSM course, you will learn how to develop a simple plan that works for your enterprise to improve and encourage teamwork, effective communication between team members, and speed of product development and delivery across all complex projects. Using the working principles of Agile, you will be able to make necessary changes and adjustments to your team according to the need. So you might be wondering how a PSM certification course benefits you as an individual or as a team leader in your organization? Here are some points that will make you interested:

1. Continuous innovation and development

As a certified PSM, you will be responsible for streamlining the project development team’s operations and providing a favourable and pleasant work environment for your teammates. This will affect the team by making them more creative, efficient, and organized. As a Scrum Master, you will also be responsible for detailing and time scaling the needs of the projects. Thus, you will be responsible for providing guidance to the team with the projects with innovative measures and deciding the flexibility of the development for the achievement of the target. This is a great bonus achievement as a team leader and player to add to your list of personal skills that will help you jumpstart your career.

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2. Certification badge

On successful completion of the PSM certification, you will get a badge that will identify you as a Scrum Master. When you become a Scrum Master, you will be certified to train your colleagues and certify them as well. This in turn will show your commitment and growth towards the field as well as the knowledge of your employee and implementation of the methodology. When the workforce becomes more knowledgeable, your organization can reap more benefits with less input.

3. Alignment towards Agile mindset

If you want to be able to work with Scrum, you must develop a mindset around Agile framework as Scrum follows the methodologies of Agile. Therefore, if you want to build a team which is able to sustain itself and has an agile mindset, the entire team should have a proper approach. With the help of the certification course, you will be able to ingrain the Agile mindset into every team member. Once you master Scrum, you will be able to finish your projects with success. This will also benefit your team members to be in agreement within themselves and face lesser cohesion between themselves.

4. Be marketable and stay updated

With the help of PSM certification, you will not only be able to prove that you understand how the Agile framework works for an enterprise, as a Scrum Master but also be able to show yourself to be valuable in front of top recruiting companies. It helps you prove that you not only have an understanding of the Agile framework but also the skills relevant to any enterprise following the methodologies of Agile. This certification will help you expand your career and get yourself recognised at organizations and companies following Agile practices.

5. Provides benefits to your organization

Adapting to new changes and facing new challenges has a direct effect on a companies’ employees, its clients and the entire development process of a product. But with the help of PSM certification, you can reap real and substantial benefits faster. You will be able to develop driven self-maintaining teams which can work efficiently towards product development keeping in mind the quality at each step of development. Therefore, if you don’t have scrum knowledge, you will not be able to adapt to Agile methodologies applied by your organization and you may not be able to finish your project properly. Thus, getting a PSM certification will help you to deal with the projects and process of development efficiently in the organization.

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6. Working with peers becomes effective

When both your colleagues and you have knowledge of scrum, working together becomes easier and more efficient, and it becomes easy for you to manage all responsibilities of the project together. As a certified PSM, you will be able to use your Scrum knowledge in the management of scrum projects and this will result in improvement of Scrum understanding and knowledge amidst your peers. This indirectly helps you become influencing and motivating as well as being a successful leader to your team members to help them follow through with the projects profitably. This is very much essential to complete a project successfully.

7. Be capable of influencing an organisation

After you learn scrum with the PSM certification course, you will develop clear basics of scrum concepts, the knowledge of which will help you influence an organisation for adopting Agile framework for their projects in the future. As a certified PSM, you will be able to know the advantages of the Agile approach to help them be comfortable with this approach and invest in the scrum methodology. It will also help you to view a project from different angles and gain new perspectives towards a suitable approach to adopt while working with the Agile framework.

8. Be the guiding force of your project

Being a certified Scrum Master in your company, you will have the responsibility of overseeing every step in a project development, this way you will be aware of issues arising at any point in the process of development. This will help you find a solution for those issues with the help of Scrum knowledge. Moreover, when you encourage mutual communication, it aids in the development of harmony among teammates, thus improving the efficiency of the production process. However, as someone responsible for the whole project, you will also be held responsible if it fails. Thus, you will be motivated to reduce risks and eliminate issues during the development phase of the project. This will make you a valuable asset to your company.

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9. A solid foundation of Scrum practice and knowledge

If the Scrum framework is being implemented by your company and transitioning to an Agile environment, having a PSM certification will help you to develop the basic concept of Scrum methodology and implement the same in your company. In case you already have some foreground knowledge on how Scrum works, with this certification, you will be able to rectify half-baked concepts and learn everything in a comprehensive manner.

10. Spend less time, earn more money

While working in an Agile environment, you need not spend much time on one project. You can divide your time instead of spending less than an hour in a meeting where you can explain the working procedure for one project and then focus on another project. This way you do not have to spend an entire day directing and leading a team focusing on a single project only. You can focus on multiple projects by increasing time efficiency and earning more money at the same time.

11. Higher returns are in your favour

Using scrum methodology, a product takes less time to be presented in the market and provides higher returns for each investment made by an enterprise. Since you have been in lead for the development process of the project, higher returns for the same project will make you important to your organization as a skilled PSM and you will be regarded as a valuable asset by your company which will make you indispensable to the company.

12. Customer-centric product development

The products you develop will be able to provide simple solutions to complicated problems from the user end which will give you encouragement and recognition for the hard work you have put in all along. With the help of PSM certification, you can become more skilful and gain the ability to be able to deliver products that are customer-centric.

Apart from all the benefits mentioned here, PSM is also eligible to receive higher packages as they are in high demand and companies are looking for Scrum Masters to help their organisation and teams to implement Agile methodology.


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