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During hard times, like the pandemic, the economy and stock markets are usually unstable. 

Your stock could be on a losing streak as we speak. Stocks are considered liquid compared to real estate, and you may be forced to sell your stock for a loss if in need of cash now. On the other hand, gold is a valuable commodity that has historically been stable during such hard times. Gold is also a liquid asset.

Therefore, instead of selling your stock at a loss, consider selling some of your gold items which will fetch higher prices. There is a higher chance that you have several gold items that you are not using and could fetch you the much-needed cash. 

You can sell your gold to a reputable jewelry exchange dealer who will offer you current market value for the same. Below are four gold items that you should consider selling, or you can learn more at 

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Gold Coins

A gold coin is any coin made entirely of gold; it could also be most of it. Ancient coins were made of gold, so you can contact the gold exchange to determine the gold percentage if you have one. 

Determining the purity of gold is important because gold is a relatively soft metal that can be easily scratched. Since the gold coin has been around for a long time, it is probable to lose some precious micrograms of gold through wear and tear.

A typical gold coin is made of 22ct gold. On the other hand, the fake gold coins are made of tungsten as the base then plated with a bit of gold. And if well made, it can be hard to distinguish the fake from the real. 

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Dental Gold 

Pure gold is malleable and not ideal for use in the mouth. Consequently, dental crowns and other dental work utilize a metal alloy of gold-palladium and platinum.

A high noble metal alloy should be 40% gold. However, most contain just about 25% gold. We have gold in the alloy because it can withstand the force of chewing and is highly resistant to oral acid.

A dental gold should have at least 10ct gold.

Gold Jewelry 

It’s a known fact that gold is highly prized for its beauty and versatility. As mentioned earlier, gold is malleable, meaning it’s so soft that it can be used to make jewelry in its purest form.

Pure gold is 24 karats. However, gold is often combined with other metal alloys to increase its strength, like dental gold. 

As mentioned earlier, gold prices tend to rise during challenging economic times. Pure gold can fetch a significant amount of money. Gold also comes in different colors from yellow, white, and rose, depending on the jewelry.

Gold Bar

A gold bar is also known as gold bullion and is refined to a purity of .999, or 99.9%. More than 30 types of gold bars are circulating in the world marketplace. 

Gold bars are valuable and synonymous as an investment for bulk purchases.

Wrap Up

It’s time to sell your gold that’s idle and not in use. You will be pleased with the amount of cash you can get for your gold.


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