sbi zero balance account
sbi zero balance account

Apply Online SBI Zero Balance Account Open in English : Hello Fiends Today we learn How to Open SBI Zero Balance Account Online so read this article carefully don’t forget any steps.

Hello Friends whenever you go to state bank of India, That means SBI  goes  To open your new savings account So you are asked to apply online. First That is, they want to say that you To open a first saving account    Apply from Yono application. So in this article we will know That how can we apply a new saving account from Yono application?  What do we have to do after applying  And we got to total, How to get from passbook to ATM.   

Let’s know First of all, in your smartphone, Go to the play store And that search has to be Yono SBI And you have to install this application Friends after installing you This application has to be opened See this, Yono application is opening Friends will accept some permissions here as soon as they open, So he has to allow this Yono SBI application has opened. And here you see three options First New to SBI  Second Existing customer    Third I have a activation code.

So what you have to do is click on New to SBI Then there is two option The First Resume Second Apply Now Resume means friends if you have previously applied And half of the applications were applied and left Then you can make a resume here. But we have to apply new application So we will click on Apply Now.  Then Apply Now will be selected and  Then click on the next option below. 

sbi zero balance account
sbi zero balance account

Documents Required to Open Online SBI Zero Balance Account

  • Aadhaar Card or
  • Pan Card or
  • Passport or
  • Driving Licence or
  • Votar Id Card or Election Card or
  • Mnrega
  • Mobile Numer
  • Email Id
  • Photo

Then see here two options and opened open with Aadhaar Card using e-kyc Open with officially wallet document So if you want to open with Aadhaar Card That is, you want to open your savings account using Aadhaar card    So you select the top, If you want to open an account using another document Such as passport, election card, driver’s license, MNREGA Want to open an account using all these things. 

Then you can select the option below So I want to open an account with Aadhaar, So I selected Aadhaar And then click on Next, Then here you will be told that How do you open an account So you have to read it and then you have to click on Next.  After that, friends see three columns here First Mobile no So here, whatever you want to give in no bank account Or you have to fill with whatever is yours After filling it, you can exclude your email-ID in this second column. In the third column you will get the referral code That means if someone is already created Then you can ask for a referral code But both of these mean email and referral code. These two are not necessary So if you want to fill, then you cannot fill It won’t matter So you have to fill the Mobile no Or if you want to fill Gmail, then fill it and click submit. 

sbi zero balance account
sbi zero balance account

Then see here a pop has come open In which it is said that if you do not give email-Id Then your statement will not be mailed to you Because people with bank will not have your mail information. So you have to fix If you want, fill the Mail if you have an email After that on friends next page    Your mobile no that has just been filled will be a Otp. You want to fill that OTP here See it OTP After filling the OTP (One Time Password), friends see below again there is a submit a button. You have to click  Then you will find Pan card no on here So whatever your Pan card is no You have to do fill  it here Before that you have to click it up and fix it.

If you want to read then you can read it If you want to read then you can fill it After filing, when you will get your PAN card no fill Then again you have to click on Next. See here again account opening Here again some condition is telling So you read it And then click on Next Then see here friends, the first step of your account opening  is started.   


First of which you have to give personal details Choose one of the following scan Aadhar Card Qr code enter Aadhar number enter virtual number This is speaking your Aadhaar card of friends What code is it on, if it can be scanned, then you can scan it. Other things if your Aadhaar number is And you want to open your account by filling your Aadhaar So they can select And third virtual-id no. If you want to open an account, you can open it So I will fill my Aadhar no So what i will do is click on enter Aadhar no You can also click it. So the Aadhar no you have to fill it here. 

So look at the top, Aadhaar is no filing So you can make your Aadhar no fill So you have to give your Aadhar no fill Aadhaar has title in second column after giving no fill Look down here in front of him. On which you have to click If you click, you will see three options here. 

Mr, Mrs,Ms So see here the first column is for those who want to put their name in front of them. The second column is for those who are women, ie the girl who has been married. So they can apply here Mrs, The third option is for him who is a girl and his married  is not done yet. So whatever you select I select the Mr Then here you have to fill the first name. And fill the last name If you don’t have a first name That is, if I write my name only Rajkumar So here I will write Rajkumar only in the last name.


So here I will write Rajkumar only in the last name Then last name cannot be empty So if your name is one of the word, then you can fill in the last name. After that you have to select Mail and Female So whatever you select  Then you have to fill  Date of birth So here you have to fill a date of birth.    So here we see our date of birth. Friends, you have to tick the box you see in front of it. After fixing it, here is the next button below, to give your click    Then it will come back again, option to fill some personal details Such as city and place of birth You know the name of the city where you were born You can fill the name of that city In the country of birth you have to select India.  

Here these articles will come to India If you are Indian in citizenship, then you will select Indian You have to select India in Nationality I mean you have to select India in all three  After that you have to click on Next Then here you will have the option to fill your username and password.    Username is internet banking friends  

Create SBI Online User Name Or Password :

There you have to create a username and a password You are able to login So here we have to create an username and password  In the username, the way you want to be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter the same way That is, there should be a unique code here That is, there should be a unique code here So what can you do here Like here Raj491140  I can create a username like this Then I have the option of check eligibility in front of him Click on it As soon as we do this, if this type of green color is available, then such green color will tick And we will be available If the name is not available, then it will tell you to change the username. 

After that in the second column you have to create your Password, you have to create a piece of friends, that is to create hard. How should your password be mentioned below It should be the middle of 8-20 characters    There should be 1 special character from 0 to 9 Any one number should be one capital letter and one should be small letter. It should be special character. So you create a password here See how i create And then friends, you have to fill the above password below. Both have to fill the password and click on Next. So I see something has mistake with me, the password is not matching Then what we will do is that an eye icon is made in front of the password He has a cross Click on it, then we will see both passwords.

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How to Register SBI Net Banking
How to Register SBI Net Banking? 

Then we will check what mistake we have made So look here and give me, then I have given So when both will be done then you have to click on Next. This user -Id and password you have just created When your account opens, both of them will be activated.

Then you have to click on OK below So now here comes the photo That you have to upload the photo to your account So here you also have two options first take a selfie You can take a selfie from your smartphone    Seconds if you have a photo on your smartphone and you want to upload    So by clicking on the recent photograph you uploaded from here. You can select and upload photos from there If I want to take a selfie, I can take a selfie by clicking here.   

So for that, click on the first column Then see how it will open up like this    Then here you have to click on the camera icon Now you have to allow permission to be allowed here See this way you have to take a photo pic    And you have to crop it as much as you want Now there are two options here too If you don’t want to take a photo again if you don’t think So you can click on this cross If there is any problem, you can click on this tick.    Then this photo will start uploading. Then this photo will go away and then see In the next page, you are being asked an annual income What is your income So if you don’t earn now you don’t earn money So you can select the first option If you earn money, then you can select how much money you get.

So i don’t earn money now So I will also select it here. Then here you will ask education qualification. How long have you read So whatever you are studying, friends, you can select it If you are 10th now you can do SSC below If you have crossed the intermediate, then you can select more than that. So i’m graduating, so i’m select  graduate After that friends what is your religion Are you Hindu, Muslim, religion, Sikh and then something else If you are a Hindu, you can select Hindu here If Muslim then Muslim can select See marital status see this, the first option is for them in this video column. 

Who have been married The second option is for those who are not married And the third option is for those who wear married to fight That is, whose will be divorce Or if there is some other problem, then they can select other So I select unmarried here So see here in the additional information you have to fill the customer middle name If it is not there you can leave it. Fill in your father’s name below So here first you have to select the title. Then click on it and select Mr Then your father name here If you want to fill the mother name below, then click on the title and select the title.   

And below that again gives you name fill So here, the last name was filled.    And the spouse name below it The name Spouse means friends if you have married up So if you are female, you can fill your husband’s name here So if you are male then you can fill your wife’s name here, If you are unmarried then you can click on Normally Next Then your occupation will be asked What do you Do you have service man Or business man Or your category is not in it Or if you don’t know Normally, you can select the earner After that you can do other occupations here, That means you are a student Which one is being asked in the other I am student then i will click on student Then here the name Nominee That is, when you have some money in your account and you die Then the nominees who want to file here will be given your money.   

So here you can enter the name of any of your relations such as I will give the fathers name fill And the relation below is to tell who is your The date of birth of those whose name you have filed is also your button. After that, if you are a minor Gordian name, then you have to file And then friends again you have to fill next See this, friends, you have to fill the nominal details in the fourth option. Where the address line is to be filled What is their address So whatever the address is, its fill the address You have to fill their pin code. Which state is he supposed to fill you with?

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And then click on Next See this, here comes the option of internet banking right Here is what internet banking rights means Friends that you transaction  with PhonePe Or those who do mobile banking, do internet banking So you want to see only that money in your bank account Or do you want all the transactions So if you want to do all the transactions, then you get the select Normally Full Transaction And below that, receive sms alert The message that comes to you when you withdraw money from your bank account Or put it in So if you want from the message that comes to you, then you can tick the sms Alert.   

sbi zero balance account
sbi zero balance account

If you do not want, you can select No And then you have to click on Next    Then see here the professional kit card type on this which you will get    What you will get after opening an account In which your passbook & atm card What do you want from them If you want to take an ATM or check, then select If you do not want you can select Like if you don’t want a card, you can be a thief  Here there are 2 variants of silver and classic Select whoever you are  What name do you want on the card after selecting    Want RAJKUMAR or you want some other name Whatever name you want here, then select it Then click on the next.

>>>>>How to login SBI Net Banking<<<<<

Then see here the terms and conditions have come. So if you want to read these terms and conditions then you can read Otherwise you slide down like this See when it’s full slide A box is made below to fix it And then click on Next See it once more your mobile no otp.  The way you filled the first otp  Come again see has come  P12377 So here I filled the otp again So here I filled the photo again These friends, the online application of your account opening has been completed here.

See here friends, which is the reference code You have to see it in the bank or you can note it down and take a screenshot You can see it by taking it to a bank like this See here, this is the code which is its importance, you have to share it in the bank. You have to go to the bank within 15 days of the day you apply & see this code here And here you have to take hard copy or photocopy of the document you have given. If you have given Aadhaar card, then copy the photo of Aadhar card  And given the pan-card, copy the photo of the pan-card If you have given any other document, then a hard copy of that document means taking a photo copy. This copy has to be given after taking it and this code has to be given As soon as they give, they will approve your application from their computer.

By verifying your document And after that your friends will open your account Whatever you want to meet, such as Internet banking kit, mobile banking kit, you will get all these things from your bank The rest comes from ATM You will also get the passbook immediately from the branch. So the ATM that is the friend will come to your house through the post-office    maximum 30 days me It will take at least 15 days But at most you can also fight 30 days  If the post-office is away or if for any reason you get the problem then So here is how you can open your bank account yono application So if you like this article, then you share this article to yur fiends. If you notice anything bad in this article So you can comment in the comment box of the article So that we can improve our upcoming article.

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