Ancient Greece Slot Games

There are so many modern slot themes at – which one should you choose? How about Ancient Greece themes, they’re so much fun and provide great insight into ancient Greek history and mythology! If you’re interested, check out the list of our three favourites that we’ve prepared for you. We’ll be providing an overview of:

        2 Gods: Zeus vs Thor

        Legends of Greece

        Age of the Gods Series

Table of Contents

2 Gods: Zeus Vs. Thor

Zeus and Thor are probably the most famous Greek Gods out there – Zeus was the God of the Sky, and Thor was the god of War. So, what would happen if you put Zeus and Thor together to fight to the death?! Well, believe it or not the innovative slot developer 4ThePlayer have actually made a slot around exactly this! Not only does it feature epic fighting gameplay between the two Gods, but it also debuts an innovative gaming mechanism named Dual Spin, where you have the chance of doubling up on your win every time you spin! Very cool!

Legends of Greece

If you’ve never heard of Zeus, Thor, or any other Ancient Greek Gods, you might fancy playing a game that provides you a general overview of the biggest legends of Ancient Greece.  Well, Genii’s Legends of Greece would be ideal for you – it features loads of different traditional Greek symbols, Greek Gods, music and more! Whilst this slot is educational for Ancient Greece beginners, we must say that it has a pretty savage RTP of 91% – that is well below average. Regardless, a good RTP is always a bonus, but when you’re looking for a culturally educational slot like Legends of Greece, sometimes you have to make a compromise!

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Age of the Gods Series

We’ve switched things up for this last one – it’s not just a game but an entire series of slot games, Age of the Gods! This series was developed by Playtech in 2017 and we absolutely love it. It features a truly astonishing 24 different progressive slots, each based around different Gods, Greek stories, and casino games. There are simply too many to list, but you can find games such as:

        Medusa & Monsters

        King of Olympus

        Slot Roulette

There is just so much selection that Age of The Gods simply had to make it to the top of our list of Ancient Greek slots! If you gradually make your way through this epic selection of progressive jackpot games, you’ll not only be in with the chance of scoring a huge payout, but you sure will learn a lot!

Final Thoughts

Overall, we love the massive selection of Ancient Greece slots out there like toa osrs guide. However, if you’re looking for a crash course into the slot theme, you have got to check out the Age of the Gods series! Pick your favourite Greek God or a story you’d like to learn more about and take a trip into Ancient Greece! We hope you enjoy these slots, just don’t forget us when the Gods help you hit that sweet jackpot! 


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