Retain Loyal Customers

Promotional items are ideal for showing customers that you care about their dedication to keeping your business afloat. However, they can be incredibly useful for retaining customers’ business as well. By getting the right type of promo item, you’ll have your patrons coming back to your business for decades to come. Here are eight of the most unique promo items you can use to retain loyal customers: 

1. Drawstring Backpacks 

If you want to impress customers and retain their business in future years, you need to send them a useful, fun promo item to reward them for their loyalty. Buying bulk orders of branded drawstring backpacks can provide a tried-and-true way of doing just this. Be sure to customize the look, feel, and function of the backpack for the particular set of customers you’re sending the drawstring backpacks to, however. 

2. Mousepads 

Many of the computers you use at work are still attached to a mouse and keyboard, even though the modern tech world occasionally consists of mouse-less gadgets. When you can afford to, give away branded, high-quality mouse pads to customers and help you keep their mice in good condition, and they’ll be sure to appreciate that for years to come. Mousepads will never go out of fashion as long as desktops exist. 

3. Staplers 

A good stapler is a necessary component of any professional home or work office setup. Recent price drops on staplers make them an excellent choice for bulk orders of promo merchandise. as well  To make them even more appealing, you can give the design a little flair and excitement. If you’re trying to retain business-minded customers, this can be an excellent choice for your next promotional marketing campaign

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4. Earbuds

Music-obsessed customers love receiving free earbuds. Giving your consumer a spare set of headphones will make them happy even if they prefer podcasts, rock n’ roll, or anything in between. When purchased in bulk, earbuds are still reasonably priced, even though they have become more expensive in most retail stores and settings. If you brand your earbuds, distribute them to clients, and act authentically in your outreach, your brand’s reach will grow considerably very soon.

5. Phone Cases 

In today’s environment, keeping your phone secure is essentially an inherent obligation for anyone that has a job, or who values their privacy. Similar to earbuds, phone cases are now absurdly expensive in most retail establishments. Due to this, they are a fantastic option for a promotional marketing campaign, especially since they are reasonably priced when purchased in bulk. To ensure that your free phone cases will successfully service the majority of your target clients, try to obtain a range of sizes if at all possible.

6. Koozies 

Many people like unwinding with a refreshing alcoholic beverage after a long day of labor.  Koozies are well recognized for being one of the most common promotional items to be imprinted with business logos. By ordering a large quantity of branded koozies you can unlock a large-scale marketing campaign impact for little-to-no money, as they are incredibly budget-friendly when bought in bulk. People love koozies and will use them for years if they love to party regularly. 

7. Polo Shirts

When it comes to promotional products, free clothes are always a popular, surefire hit. Giving loyal customers a polo branded with your snazzy-looking logo is one of the best ways to properly impress them, and keep them coming back. Ideally, you’ll turn them into “walking billboards” for your business. The fancier you get with the polos you give out, the more likely they’ll achieve your goal of retaining loyal customers. 

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8. Hoodies

Despite being one of the priciest options for a promotional item on this list, they are ideal to give out during harsh winter months.  Most individuals rarely receive free hoodies, so when they learn that you are giving them away, they will rush to you for the chance to save some money and stay warm. The expense of purchasing promotional hoodies to distribute can be well worth it if you want to stand out among other companies doing promotional marketing campaigns in your area.

Brainstorm Ideas for Your Next Promotional Marketing Campaign

With these eight ideas, you can easily begin brainstorming exciting options for the item(s) you’ll use in your next big promotional marketing campaign effort. There are plenty of fantastic ways to modify the ideas we’ve covered to fit your business’s brand and identity more, so never box yourself in creatively when planning a promotional marketing campaign.


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