If you’re looking for a fun hobby to pass the time and relieve stress, you should consider golfing every once in a while. The beautiful scenery and swing of a club will work wonders in flushing away the stress from your system while giving you more time for yourself.

However, golf is also one of the most expensive sports to play, considering the costly club membership fees, cart fees, golf equipment, green fees, rental fees, golf caddies, etc. In addition, you might need to take golfing lessons to improve your skills.

Whether golf is your regular weekend hobby or not, you should always be prepared for all the expenses that come with it. After all, playing golf is no cheap hobby to begin with. 

But did you know there are ways to make golfing less expensive than usual? With these, you’ll be able to enjoy this supposedly rich men’s sport without breaking the bank. Below are some helpful tips to save money on your golf hobby.

1.Look For Used Golf Gear

From golf clubs to golf balls, golf gear is undeniably expensive, especially if you have a penchant for the latest versions and limited editions. But if you care nothing about these things, you should consider purchasing second-hand golf equipment, such as used electric golf carts,clubs, lightweight yamaha quiet tech golf cart price bags etc.

Pre-loved golf items are usually available in many sports outlets, neighborhood garages, and online websites. You can also turn to social media platforms to look for used golf gear in excellent condition. But always be careful when making online transactions to avoid getting scammed.

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Make sure to look for items that perfectly fit your budget as well as your needs. Also, don’t forget to inspect every item thoroughly before purchasing. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying something not worth your time and money.  

2.Look For Refurbished Golf Items

This is another great trick that will help you save on your golf hobby. Refurbished golf items are equipment returned by customers due to minor but repairable issues, such as dents, scratches, and color mismatches.

Once returned, the manufacturer will work on the issue and ensure that the flaw is addressed so that it looks and performs as if brand new. After that, they’ll be sold in many sporting goods shops at a discounted price, around 10-30% lower than their brand-new counterparts. 

However, when planning to buy refurbished golf items, make sure to look for a trusted supplier and consider the brand or manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product. You may also consult an expert for advice if you’re having second thoughts if the item is a good buy. 

3.Play Golf During Summer

Playing golf during summer is a great way to save a lot on green fees. Golf courses, even world-class ones, charge considerably lower green fees during the off-season. For instance, what would usually cost USD$250 during peak season goes down to USD$75 in the summertime. You’ll never be able to find such great discounts in other seasons, especially when it comes to spring or fall.

When it comes to optimizing your golfing expenses, consider exploring options like the Yamaha Quiet Tech golf cart price. Understanding the pricing of these innovative, quieter carts can help you make a budget-conscious decision while still enhancing your golfing experience.

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It makes sense since no one might be interested in playing golf under the scorching heat of the sun. To avoid the sun’s intense heat and harmful ultraviolet rays, consider booking your golf time early in the morning and stay well-hydrated. 

Golf courses in warm states, such as California, Wyoming, Arizona, and Nevada, typically offer great discounts on green fees, encouraging serious golf hobbyists to come and play. 

4.Enter Club Opens

If you want to avoid paying expensive green fees, then you should watch out for golf club opens. These are special golf competitions available to everyone who wants to participate at a fraction of the cost.

These events don’t stay for long. Check your local golf clubs and see if there are club opens available for you to join.  

5.Walk, Don’t Ride

Many golfers use golf carts to reach the area where the ball they hit has landed. It’s ideal for players who want to avoid walking long distances under the heat of the sun. But the thing is that they don’t come cheap. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why playing golf can be expensive.

If that’s the case, consider ditching those rides and try walking instead. Walking is good for your wallet and your health. Even the famous writer Mark Twain can attest to that by describing golf as a ‘good walk.’

By forgoing golf carts, you’ll be able to save around USD$10 to USD$15 for every round of golf. Also, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the golf course while walking and have more time to exercise and work those stiffening joints.

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6.Learn From The Internet

Getting lessons from a professional golf instructor is a great way to level up your game and master the art of playing golf. However, one-on-one golf lessons with a pro can be very expensive. What you can do instead is turn to the internet and look for online lessons that match your skill level. 

You can search for free golf lessons and tutorials on video streaming platforms. Since everything’s online, learning might be difficult, so make sure to stay focused and take notes while watching.

7.Take Care Of Your Shoes

Golf shoes may cost you around USD$200 or even more, so it’s crucial to treat them as nicely as possible. Here are some tips for caring for your golf shoes and making them last longer:

  • Don’t chuck them inside the locker, especially when they’re soggy and grass-covered.
  • Use a shoe cleaner to remove all the dirt from your golf shoes. Don’t have a shoe cleaner? You can use mild soap and water instead.
  • After cleaning your shoes, let them air dry at room temperature. No sunlight!

Final Words

Golf may be expensive by nature, but there are creative ways to cut costs. With the tips presented above, you’ll be able to play and enjoy golf without worrying about breaking the bank. Also, don’t forget to do your research and consult some pros to increase your knowledge and level up your game.


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