Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise and keep your body active. Remaining fit and healthy is associated with being physically active. Consistent physical activity, such as cycling, plays a pivotal role in protecting your body from serious diseases such as cancer, mental illness, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, and obesity. If you keep riding your bicycle regularly, you help your body reduce the risk of health issues arising from a sedentary lifestyle. 

The good news is that almost everyone, from young children to adults, can enjoy cycling. As is common to the laws of nature, anything with merit must have some demerits. Riding a bicycle is associated with accidents due to the negligence of some road users. You may think that bicycle accidents are not that common, but that is not true. Just look at the accident statistics in one city.

The reports from the statewide data indicate that between the years 2011 and 2021, there were 2,803 bike accidents in San Jose. The fatalities were 38, and more than 2700 people suffered injuries. San Jose bicycle accident attorneys helped these victims obtain compensation for their losses. 

As a victim, you have a role in helping your lawyer pursue justice. This article will traverse the five things you can do to help your attorney win a bicycle accident case. Let’s dive in.

Remain in touch with your lawyers 

This will give your attorneys an upper hand in knowing the progress of your well-being, such as the ability to return to work; if you cannot report back to work, the attorneys would want to know the type of medical treatment you are receiving. In addition, you should let your attorney know the information about any contact from the insurance company or defendant. This will help them build your case and take action if necessary.

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Adhere to your doctor’s advice and guidance

You have to follow all the treatment recommendations from your doctor to be stable. In most cases, the attorneys can do nothing unless you’re stable. The doctor’s appointment, treatment schedules, surgeries, and rehabilitative therapy are paramount evidence for your case. Your lawyers will need this information to seek compensation for your damages and medical bills.

Answer all the questions from your attorneys to give facts about your case

This involves providing all the documents, recordings, and eyewitness statements. Your role as a plaintiff will be to assist your lawyers in giving answers to written questions. This information is essential in helping your attorneys strengthen your case and deliver desirable results during litigation.

Get ready to give a deposition

During the lawsuit process, you will have to give a deposition. This is where you get involved in a question-and-answer session. The defendants’ attorneys will cross-examine you in your attorney’s presence, done under oath. The questions will focus on the accident, injuries, and the impact of these injuries on your life. 

Your attorney will always prepare you for this process in advance; hence, no need to panic. Giving a deposition will help your lawyers know the preparedness of the defendant’s side to counter it.

Be ready to attend mediation if requested and go to trial if needed

The need for mediation may arise when both sides hire a neutral party to help them resolve the case before trial. Depending on the turn of events, such as the nature of your case and a settlement offer, both sides can reach an agreement to resolve the stance. 

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This is the best thing so far. Your lawyers will help you negotiate a better offer and continue your life without stress. If both parties cannot settle the mediation process, then be ready to avail yourself during the trial in court. Your attorney will take full responsibility for preparing you for this process.

In conclusion, helping your attorney prove the elements of personal injury law is vital to increasing the chances of a better outcome for your case. So, you are responsible for documenting the accident scene, obtaining witness information, seeking medical treatment, preserving the evidence, and keeping a detailed record of any essential information for your case.



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