Telegram : Should you upgrade?
Telegram : Should you upgrade?

“Telegram is and always will be free for everyone. We will never show ads or charge subscription fees. However, we are introducing Telegram Premium, a paid features service with optional features that are not essential to the Telegram experience for those who need them.”

Telegram Premium is a monthly subscription that includes new features, such as improved chat download speeds.

But is it worth upgrading to Telegram Premium? And are messaging apps even a necessity now that the Google Pixel 7 Pro and other Android phones include Messages with RCS Chat?

You can relax knowing that you won’t have to pay for a telegram subscription as Telegram founder Pavel Durov confirmed that any free Telegram feature would continue to be free in the future. This means your group and personal chats will stay the same without changing how you currently use the service.

A recent change to Telegram has lifted many of the existing limits, doubling them in most cases. The paid subscription now grants you access to 20 folders, 1000 channels, 10 favorite stickers, and four connected accounts.

With the paid subscription, you’ll also be able to send files up to 4GB in size with faster download speeds than the previous 2GB limit. In addition, subscribers gain the ability to transcribe voice notes, remove ads, have exclusive stickers and reactions, a Premium badge, advanced chat management tools, and more.

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

WhatsApp used to charge a subscription fee of $0.99 per year after the first free year. Telegram’s Premium offering is much טלגראס בוט better than WhatsApp’s earlier approach, so it requires a higher fee. Telegram’s announcement doesn’t mention the exact monthly charge, but users who already have Premium are seeing a price of $4.99 per month on iOS and $3.99 per month on Android (prices vary by country).

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Telegram’s subscription fee isn’t outrageous, but it’s not cheap either. Telegram does have a lot of features to support the price, but it will be difficult to get people to pay for something they’ve always had for free.

Who is Telegram Premium made for?

If you consider yourself a power Telegram user or are constantly running into the various limits of the messaging app, Telegram Premium is the way to go. Businesses and groups with large chat channels and groups will find the most benefit from paid features, such as the ability to better organize chats and exchange large files. If you think you might need these tools, they could be immensely useful – so it’s worth considering whether or not they would be a valuable investment for you.

Telegram offers a free version for those who don’t mind the current caps, which covers most regular users. Free accounts can still interact with some of the premium elements that paid users have access to, like being able to download files larger than 2GB and react to premium-only stickers. Thanks to a monthly cycle, you can always choose to subscribe to the service for a one-time use if you need to send a large file to a large group.


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