BP Share Live Chart (BP plc) LON: BP

BP Share Live Chart (BP plc) LON: BP : BP Share Live Chart Today In this article we’ll discuss LON: BP, BP Share Live Chart, BP plc Share Chart, BP Share Price, view three common types, and show you  how each displays an investment’s performance.

If you’ve ever watched financial news  or looked at the price of a BP Share Price, chances are you’ve read a BP Share Live Chart.  A share chart is a Graph that displays  the price of an investment over a period of time. 

BP Share Live Chart | BP plc Share Price | BP Share Price Today | LON: BP

BP Share Live Chart | BP plc Share Price | BP Share Price Today | LON: BP
  • Trading Symbol Of BP Share (BP plc) LON: BP
  • BP Plc, it is the stocks listed on London Stock Exchange
  • The BP plc (BP Share) works in the field of the oil and gas
  • The BP plc (BP Share) headquarter is located in London, England,U.K.
  • BP plc (BP Share) founded in 14 April 1909; 111 years ago
  • Official Website Of BP plc  www.bp.com
  • Founders of Bp plc Company is William Knox D’Arcy
  • Chairman Of BP plc Company is Helge Lund
  • Chief Executive Of BP plc is Bernard Looney
  • Revenue of BP plc (BP Share) – US$282.62 billion (2019)
  • BP plc (BP Share) is listed in the LSE: BP,FWB: BPE,NYSE: BP,FTSE 100 Component.

Company Info ( BP plc)

BP Share Price
BP Share Price

BP plc (formerly The British Petroleum Company plc and BP Amoco plc) is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors”,whose performance in 2012, made it the world’s sixth-largest oil and gas company, the sixth-largest energy company by market capitalization and the company with the world’s 12th-largest revenue (turnover).It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It also has renewable energy interests in biofuels, wind power, smart grid and solar technology.

BP Plc operates as an integrated oil and gas company. It operates through the following segments: Upstream, Downstream and Rosneft. The Upstream segment engages in the oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production, midstream transportation, storage and processing and marketing and trade of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas and power and natural gas liquids. The Downstream segment refines, manufactures, markets, transports, supplies, and trades crude oil, petroleum, petrochemicals products and related services to wholesale and retail customers. The Rosneft segment engages in investment activities. The company was founded by William Knox D’Arcy on April 14, 1909 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.

BP p.l.c. is engaged in the global energy business with operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. The Company provides customers with fuel for transport, energy for heat and light, power for industry, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items such as paints, clothes and packaging. The Company’s segments include Upstream, Downstream, Rosneft, and Other businesses and corporate. The Upstream segment is responsible for its activities in oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production. The Downstream segment has global marketing and manufacturing operations, and include the fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals business of the Company. Rosneft is the Company’s Russian refining business that owns and operates approximately 13 refineries in Russia, and holds stakes in three refineries in Germany, one in India and one in Belarus.

Board of directors (BP plc)

As of February 2020, the following individuals serve on the board of BP plc :

  • Helge Lund (chairman)
  • Bernard Looney (chief executive officer)
  • Brian Gilvary (chief financial officer)
  • Nils Andersen (independent non-executive director)
  • Alison Carnwath, DBE (independent non-executive director)
  • Pamela Daley (independent non-executive director)
  • Ian Davis (senior independent director)
  • Ann Dowling, DBE (independent non-executive director)
  • Melody Meyer (independent non-executive director)
  • Brendan Nelson (independent non-executive director)
  • Paula Rosput Reynolds (independent non-executive director)
  • John Sawers, GCMG (independent non-executive director)

BP corporate Grouping 

BP plc, also referred to by its former name British Petroleum, is one of the world’s seven “supermajor” oil and gas companies. It is a British multinational company, headquartered in London, England, whose performance in 2012 made it the world’s sixth-largest oil and gas company, the sixth-largest energy company by market capitalization and the company with the world’s fifth-largest revenue (turnover). It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It also has renewable energy interests in biofuels and wind power.
As of December 2013, BP has operations in approximately 80 countries, produces around 3.2 million barrels per day (510,000 m3/d) of oil equivalent, has total proved reserves of 17.9 billion barrels (2.85×109 m3) of oil equivalent, and has around 17,800 service stations. Its largest division is BP America in the United States. In Russia BP owns a 19.75% stake in Rosneft, the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company by hydrocarbon reserves and production. BP has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index; it had a market capitalisation of £85.2 billion as of April 2013, the fourth-largest of any company listed on the exchange. It has secondary listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
BP’s origins date back to the founding of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1908, established as a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company to exploit oil discoveries in Iran. In 1935, it became the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and in 1954 British Petroleum. In 1959, the company expanded beyond the Middle East to Alaska and in 1965 it was the first company to strike oil in the North Sea. British Petroleum acquired majority control of Standard Oil of Ohio in 1978. Formerly majority state-owned, the British government privatised the company in stages between 1979 and 1987. British Petroleum merged with Amoco in 1998, becoming BP Amoco plc, and acquired ARCO and Burmah Castrol in 2000, becoming BP plc in 2001. From 2003 to 2013, BP was a partner in the TNK-BP joint venture in Russia.
BP has been directly involved in several major environmental and safety incidents. Among them were the 2005 Texas City Refinery explosion, which caused the death of 15 workers and resulted in a record-setting OSHA fine; Britain’s largest oil spill, the wreck of Torrey Canyon; and the 2006 Prudhoe Bay oil spill, the largest oil spill on Alaska’s North Slope, which resulted in a US$25 million civil penalty, the largest per-barrel penalty at that time for an oil spill.
The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the largest accidental release of oil into marine waters in history, resulted in severe environmental, health and economic consequences, and serious legal and public relations repercussions for BP. 1.8 million gallons of Corexit oil dispersant were used in the cleanup response, becoming the largest application of such chemicals in US history. The company plead guilty to 11 counts of felony manslaughter, two misdemeanors, and one felony count of lying to Congress, and agreed to pay more than $4.5 billion in fines and penalties, the largest criminal resolution in US history.
Legal proceedings are continuing, with proceedings set to commence in January 2015 to determine payouts and fines under the Clean Water Act and the Natural Resources Damage Assessment. In September 2014, the judge ruled in the first phase of the case that BP was “reckless” and committed “gross negligence,” in a “worst case” ruling that could cost BP $18 billion in additional penalties above the $28 billion already expended on the spill by that time. BP is appealing the ruling, which raised concerns about BP’s future. They settled in July 2015 in the amount of $19 billion plus the original amount. (Source: Wikipedia)

Most recently added companies (see all 106 in this grouping)

  •  inactive BP AMOCO EXPLORATION (FORTIES) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 3 Jun 199913 Mar 2013details
  •  BP GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 24 Mar 1932– ) details
  •  PEARL RIVER DELTA INVESTMENTS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 20 Dec 2002– ) details
  •  inactive Nordic Lubricants Oy (Finland, 27 Aug 199613 Dec 2019details
  •  GUANGDONG INVESTMENTS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 20 Dec 2002– ) details
  •  EXPLORATION SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED (United Kingdom, 9 Mar 2000– ) details
  •  CADMAN DBP LIMITED (United Kingdom, 13 Dec 1921– ) details
  •  BTC PIPELINE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (United Kingdom, 3 Nov 2003– ) details
  •  BP PIPELINES (BTC) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 5 Nov 2001– ) details
  •  BP PIPELINES (SCP) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 23 May 2002– ) details
  •  BP MARITIME SERVICES (SINGAPORE) PTE. LIMITED (Singapore, 5 Apr 2007– ) details
  •  BP INVESTMENTS ASIA LIMITED (United Kingdom, 29 Nov 2005– ) details
  •  inactive BP INDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (India, 31 Dec 2002– ) details
  •  BP GREECE LIMITED (United Kingdom, 7 Sep 1921– ) details
  •  BP EXPLORATION PERSONNEL COMPANY LIMITED (United Kingdom, 22 Dec 2004– ) details
  •  inactive BP EGYPT LNG LIMITED (United Kingdom, 1 Apr 2004 4 Jul 2014details
  •  BP CONTINENTAL HOLDINGS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 20 Mar 1953– ) details
  •  BP CHEMICALS EAST CHINA INVESTMENTS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 2 Feb 2001– ) details
  •  BP ASIA PACIFIC HOLDINGS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 5 Feb 1973– ) details
  •  BP OIL VIETNAM LIMITED (United Kingdom, 8 Jun 1956– ) details
  •  BP NEW ZEALAND HOLDINGS LIMITED (New Zealand, 12 Oct 1989– ) details
  •  EUROPA OIL NZ LIMITED (New Zealand, 28 Oct 1931– ) details
  •  BP PACIFIC INVESTMENTS LIMITED (New Zealand, 1 Mar 1973– ) details
  •  BP OIL NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (New Zealand, 19 Dec 1946– ) details
  •  inactive BP NEW ZEALAND LIMITED (New Zealand, 26 Apr 1990 5 Dec 1995details
  •  inactive BP CHEMICALS S.E.A. PTE LTD (Singapore, 10 Jan 1995– ) details
  •  BP BIOFUELS BRAZIL INVESTMENTS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 23 Feb 2011– ) details
  •  Air BP Sweden Aktiebolag (Sweden) details
  •  Malmö Fuelling Services Aktiebolag (Sweden) details
  •  BP P.L.C. (United Kingdom, 14 Apr 1909– ) details


Address:1 St. James’s Square
LONDON,SW1Y 4PD,United Kingdom

Telephone:+44 (020) 74962107Website: https://www.bp.com/


  • EPIC:BP.
  • ISIN:GB0007980591
  • Market cap:£58.18 billion
  • Shares in issue:20.25 billion
  • Sector:Oil & Gas Producers
  • Exchange:London Stock Exchange
  • Currency:Sterling pence
  • Indices: FTSE 100,FTSE 350,FTSE All Share,FTSE 350 Higher Yield

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