These days, hats have gained immense popularity in the men’s fashion industry. You can see images of men wearing gorgeous hats in the advertisements of several products. Like leather hats, straw hats have acquired iconic status in American society. Hats are a great fashion accessory because they are durable and can protect you from bad weather. General straw hats are stylish, robust, and long-lasting. Hence, more and more people have begun to wear hats during their day-to-day activities. The hat you wear should be unique and be suitable for every ocasion.

Why is straw hat a popular option with men?

Straw hats are light and perfect for casual wear. Traditionally, straw hats were popular amongst the working-class folks who toiled hard under the sun and in the fields. These days, straw hats are more like a fashion statement. They look amazing because you can have many different styles of straw hats. Straw is a flexible fiber, and hence, it is perfect for creating different types of hat designs. These hats are great for fashion-conscious people.

Additionally, the hats are resilient and signify strength and youthfulness. Straw is also a good material as it can protect your head from both the sweltering heat and the bitter cold. Straw hats will withstand sun damage and are perfect for outdoor wear. Straw hats can also breathe well, so you will not feel sweaty when you wear them. All of these qualities make straw hats perfect for you to wear throughout the year. 

Straw hats are stylish, and you can wear them on various occasions like parties, family get-togethers, casual outdoor strolling, shopping, etc. You can always find a hat that can suit your style and budget. You can also create a big impression on people you meet while wearing the straw hat. Straw hats exude a carefree and casual personality that is confident and robust. 

Straw hats are much cheaper when compared to leather hats. However, despite the low price tag, you need not worry about the quality because straw hats have top-quality materials. Thus, these hats are pretty long-lasting. You can look quite sophisticated when you wear these hats. These hats are too versatile for you to ignore. To check out the various styles of straw hats, you should search for straw hat made in USA on the internet. 

What are some of the popular styles of straw hats?

Some of the popular straw hat designs are as follows:

Fisherman hat

The fisherman hat looks fantastic in the spring season. These hats are also available in different materials like tweed and leather. In addition, you can get these caps in multiple colors like black, green, brown, red, and gray. You may also wear these hats during the summer and pair them with shorts, cotton shirts, and denim. 

Fedora Hats

The Fedora hat is generally popular as a leather hat, but straw fedora hats are also becoming popular these days because of their style and design. These hats are great if you live in a place where you get plenty of rainfall. The Fedora hat design is popular as it can blend in well with formal wear, like a tuxedo and trousers. These hats are a classic in the world of men’s fashion. Fedora hats are also not too expensive, and you will be able to afford them easily. These straw hats are great for evening wear. You should get fedora hats, made of straw, in black or gray color.

Flat hats

The flat hat comes with a small brim and a high back. The diameter of the brim is round, and this style became popular in England during the middle of the 20th century as laborers started wearing them inside factories. Flat hats are flat and can be pretty useful for people who have to stay outside for several hours at a stretch. You can pair these hats with your casual wear.   

Derby hat

These days, several hat makers are using a straw to make Derby hats. Derby hats were traditionally made from leather or felt, and consequently, they were pretty heavy. But, derby hats made from straw are pretty light, so that you can wear them for a long time. These hat designs are popular in both Europe and America. You can wear them with your formal attires. 

There are several other types and designs of straw hats. Straw hats are flexible and lightweight and are also highly durable. Hence, these hats are so popular with people. You will look great when you pair the right hat with your attire. 


These days, straw hats have acquired immense popularity in the men’s fashion industry. The reasons are pretty simple and obvious. Straw hats look stylish, and they are durable and lightweight. You can find good straw hats for men in both offline and online stores.


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