The popularity of cowboy hats is increasing every day. Even though the primary objective of the cowboy hats is to protect the cattleman, ranchers, and other types of materials from the harmful UV rays of the sun, they are also effective to showcase great fashion statements. Nowadays, men wear cowboy hats at various parties and formal events to showcase their stigma and boldness. However, cowboy hats come in various styles. Therefore, you might become overwhelmed while choosing the perfect cowboy hats as per the shape of your face and skin tone. Without any further ado, let’s start discussing on a Cowboy Hat. 

Cowboy Hat Styles

The styles of the cowboy hats are easily identifiable due to the brim and the crease. The way the crown of the cowboy hats is lined and the brim is shaped and rolled, you can easily identify the best cowboy hats for yourself. You can consider picking these features as per your style preference. However, keep in mind that the creasing of the cowboy hat’s crown can affect the process of taking it off and on. Here are some primary cowboy hat styles:

  • The Cattleman: This is one of the most famous cowboy hats in the market. The cattleman comes with a traditional style that showcases a slightly curved brim and crease in the center. 
  • The Gus: The style of this cowboy hat is very similar to the Cattleman. This is why people often confuse Gus with the Cattleman. However, the crown of the Gus is higher and it slopes forward. 
  • The Brick: This is known as a squared-off cattleman. The crown of the Brick comes with a flat rectangular top. Additionally, the brim of this hat has squared edges. 
  • The Pinch Front: This type of cowboy hat features a softer teardrop-shaped crown as well as a sharp diamond style with two dimples to either side. The brim of the Pinch Front is slightly curved, just like the Cattleman. 
  • The Gambler: This cowboy hat is also known as Telescope. This is because this style features a flat and low crown with a spherical indent on the top. The brim of the Gambler is flat and wide. 
  • The Fedora: Probably the most famous type of cowboy hat in the market. The style features a teardrop-shaped crown. 

What Do You Need to Know to Wear the Cowboy Hats Perfectly?

Cowboy hats will undoubtedly enhance your fashion statement. Not only it will look attractive but also help you stand apart from the crowd. However, if you don’t know how to wear cowboy hats properly, you might not be able to pull them off. 

There are multiple ways to wear a cowboy hat as per your style. However, the purpose of wearing cowboy hats is dependent on whether you’re wearing them for pleasure or business. If you want to use cowboy hats just like the traditional cowboy styles, the sweatband of the cowboy hats should be contacted with your forehead. Additionally, the hat needs to sit comfortably above your ears and eyebrows. Another great way to wear cowboy hats is by propping the hat further back. However, if you go with this method, keep in mind that the hat might fall off your head if the strong wind starts blowing. The way you want to wear the cowboy hats is completely dependent on your preference. 

What Do You Need to Wear with the Cowboy Hats?

The cowboy hats are one of the most popular fashion statements in the fashion industry. Therefore, cowboy hats can be paired with anything. However, you need to make sure that the outfit you’re choosing for the cowboy hats is capable of complementing the style. This is the only way both the outfit and the hat will showcase a bold statement. Traditionally, cowboys and ranchers used to pair the cowboy hats with button-up shirts and t-shirts. You can also wear blue jeans and a denim shirt with cowboy hats. As per Make your own jeans, denim jackets are easy to clean. The appearance of the cowboy hats will be enhanced if you wear cowboy boots with them. Even if you don’t have any cowboy boots, formal boots will do the job. Don’t wear snicker or running shoes with the cowboy hats as they will look vague. The options of pairing outfits with cowboy hats are limitless. 

How Can You Choose the Perfect Cowboy Hat as Per the Shape of Your Face?

Cowboy hats are one of the most versatile fashion items that would look good on anyone who knows how to wear them correctly. Just because you know how to wear the hats doesn’t mean you need to neglect the relevance of the cowboy hats as per the shape of your face. 

If you don’t know what type of cowboy hat will look good on you, make sure you visit the American hat company so that you can choose the perfect style hat for your face. You can choose narrow or wide brim, but make sure it is relevant. 


Even if you purchase high-quality and attractive cowboy hats, you need to make sure you’re wearing them properly. This way you can showcase your fashion statement without any problem.


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