Over the last several years, we may have come across an increasing number of vinyl stickers that are being used in various settings now. You can print any imaginable text, image, logo, or graphics now onto vinyl, and there are many good techniques that one can take advantage of in designing and printing the same. There are many vibrant colors and distinctive shapes in which you can custom make vinyl stickers now for personal, business, or marketing purposes. This article will discuss some tips that you can adopt for printing the custom vinyl stickers in full-color CMYK designs.

Understanding CMYK color process

The first thing you have to understand is that while looking for the vinyl sticker design processing color, we need to combine the primary colors like Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to create thousands of other possible colors. For example, we can print dots of magenta, and once the sheet is dry, we can print the yellow ink. You can make even minor steaks in color changes with the proper mix of colors. This is the advantage of the CMYK process. To make certain shades of orange, we may mix magenta dots and yellow ink.

Pantone printing

If you want to get 100% perfect color reproduction for sticker design and if you have to cover a large area with a solid color, then you may prefer Pantone (PMS) printing. With this, you can get the most relevant color match as you specify. It is more precise and of improved quality, however much expensive compared to other modes. You can see many professional custom vinyl stickers makers offer Pantone runs, but due to the add-on cost and labor involved for the same. Due to additional labor and cost involved in Pantone, the cost goes higher for small businesses and the customer having individual sticker needs. Usually, Pantone is considered to be ideal for only large volume sticker projects for 25000 or more.

Setting the apt color values

Colors of the lighter shade may use only smaller quantities of the CMYK colors and can be hard to balance. You need to consider this factor while designing stickers of full-color stickers. You may notice that CMKY values which are under 10% can be lost on the screen. Ideally, they will be kept at 0% to 10%. For example, if you want to make clean light yellow, the color values can be C-0 M-0 Y-15 K-0.

Solid color filling

If your artwork demands it, you may avoid designing any large areas with a solid color. Rather than putting a solid color for the background, which may consist of various CMYK combinations, you may plan to add some extra design elements to the background. As it is important to have sticker designs that reflect the high quality of sticker printing in professional design, you may also break up the large solid-color areas to allow subtle dithering. You can see that a textural composition works well with such types of designs.

By using these tips, you will be able to make more engaging and quality stickers. 


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