T-shirt designing can be straightforward if one follows specific rules. Conventionally people try to track some set patterns of colors. However, if you try to be less conventional, you will explore original and refreshing looks for your T-shirt designs.                                                                                                                                                                      Exploring some less used color combinations on T-shirt and print color

Sometimes some colors may seem impossible to work together until they are pictured. Read on to find out some such unique colors which you never thought could complement one another.

Golden olive

This is a color combination that emerged countless times displayed across various designs. Unfortunately, you see it more on containers of olive oil rather than T-shirts. However, if you put the color combination together well, it will translate into a beautiful palette. This color combination will put together both audio and muted tones, If you’re looking for something qualitatively superior, you can buy Gildan g500 blank t-shirts or bulk apparel online, and customize them according to color combinations and prints that are mostly preferred by youths that have different likings, when it comes to buying funky and trendy T-shirts.

and adding a bit of shine with some gold foil can make it this thing without making it obnoxious.

Blue and orange

Blue and orange have always been complimentary colors. However, if you want to provide a good balance between the two colors, you need to use them correctly.

If you are pairing colors, try not to make it loud and use it in their most authentic versions.

Getting the colors together can be tricky; however, you can use different tones of the colors you want to use. 

Light pink and forest green

While forest green is a darker color, and light pink is more playful and brighter, if you have never thought about using these colors together, try them as the contrast, and the result would be just great.

You can think about it more, and once it makes sense; you can use flowers of pink color with stems in green, and it would become a beautiful print to go on any T-shirt.

Red and yellow

Although placed very close on the color wheel, this color combination often reminds you of a superhero. However, do not let these notions pull you away from using this color combination.

If you want, you can tone them a shade up or down and keep them bright and friendly. This color combination has always been fun and stands out in every way.

Maroon and beige

Although definitely, it is not the color combination that one looks for when the T-shirt is flashy, these colors do not seem to work well for every graphic. However, if you were going for T-shirts with more of an old-school look to them, this combination could work well.

However, if you are going for a modern-looking T-shirt, try to stay away from these colors as these colors go well with traditional outfits.

Yellow blue, and red

All three primary colors can come together and create an excellent design. Although you will not want to mix up the three colors, you can use this correctly, and the color combination would work.

Similar to using blue and orange, you can play up with how contrasting and harsh the colors would be. But, again, trying different shades of the primary color will help you understand which combination fits the best.

Grey and black

This is a common saying that black, white, and grey do not go well; you often do not tend to lean towards it. However, when you see a combination of black and grey, these two colors can work well when printed on a graphic T-shirt. It creates a color combination that anyone will want to wear.

Off white and yellow

Typically speaking, white and yellow often do not complement each other in the best way. As both are bright colors and thus reading the text on the graphic T-shirt can become difficult. 

A large number of people often exclude this color combination even before they have tried it. However, if you are going for an off-white base, you can make this color combination work by muting the off-white and making the yellow appear much brighter and readable.

 Different shades of green

It is often said that you can never have enough green. You may use the different shades of green on the base of the T-shirt, on design, and text. The different shades blend and create a complementary and compelling design.

This method works well with most colors. However, when you try to use different shades in the same family of colors, designs can be intriguing and unique.

 If you want to ease your T-shirt designing game

Try not to be confused with color theory and make it as simple as possible for you.

Always use the best quality print as the design can stay.

Print Best print on demand Canada is a good online site; you may contact them to get some contemporary combinations. Try to bend the rules according to your comfort and use these color palettes in your upcoming T-shirt design.




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