The digital landscape around us continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the internet, smartphones, and social media commendably becoming integrated with both our personal and professional circles. Lets find out the things that makes Digital Marketing Campaign Successful.

No doubt, businesses are heavily investing in digital marketing strategies and campaigns to get the maximum yield for their invested time, capital, and efforts.

Not only is digital marketing cost-effective, but it is also able to garnish an incredible amount of impressions to create a lasting influence on targeted audiences. 

According to a recent study by the OMNICORE Agency, valuable and informative content such as blog can drive traffic up to 2,000%, while Google is accredited 67% of all smartphone search traffic. 

Furthermore, search engines drive 93% of all website traffic, with 95.88% of all searches on Google being four words long or more.

Moreover, a loading time of more than 2 seconds can result in a 50% increase in bounce rates. Plus, around 18% of all local searches lead to a sale within a day. 

In light of this information, let’s take a look at some of the ways through which you can make your digital marketing campaigns successful.

Customer support and customer service reign supreme in the current scenario. With several alternatives available for each product category as well as numerous service providers, customers wouldn’t stand to be mistreated and instantly shift to a competitor who offers better customer services and support for their targeted audiences. 

Hence adding more conveniences and facilitation for your customers is a must to stay competitive and retain your customer base. A fine example is that of Zappos, an online retail company that offers incredible customer support and services. Their facilitations include a 365-day money-back guarantee and free shipping.    

  • Building Enriched Experiences 

There is absolutely no questioning about the fact that customer who had a poor experience with a company would not return and would gladly make the shift and ask for a competitor next time. 

However, for running a successful marketing campaign, you need to build enriching experiences that instantly capture your targeted audiences’ attention. 

It should offer them valuable information, deliver an entertaining encounter, and thoroughly engage them. Hence creating a rich user experience entails the usage of technologies to assist in creating interactive content or media.

For websites, AJAX, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight allow web browsers to display dynamic content without waiting for previous communications with the webserver to be completed.    

  • Creating Stupendous Content

Content will always be king because, without content, marketing message will lose their effectiveness and sense of direction. However, content these days is mandated to offer a stupendous amount of valuable information that can be used to offer solutions for customers’ pain points. 

This is where the search intent or user intent is given priority, and your clients are provided with entertaining content that delivers actionable tips for them to overcome their troubles and find resolutions for their problems.

American Express, in this regards, does a commendable job where it provides industry experts with a platform to speak up and help the online community on its open-forum website.  

  • Entertain Your Audiences 

Overtly selling content that is nothing more than a sales copy is frustrating for viewers. Today in the current era where an ordinary person sees thousands of advertisements in a day, it gets pretty dull, boring, and downright infuriating to watch another ad on computing devices.

If you want your marketing campaign to be successful, you have to make them explicitly entertaining for your audiences. 

This can include humorous gimmicks and various other elements such as promotional giveaways, holding an online contest, creating a popular poll, or delivering entertaining videos. Take the Dollar Shave Club example, which incorporates lighthearted silliness along with tongue-in-cheek and slapstick comedy into their onboarding and marketing style.   

  • Foster Community Engagement

Another way to make your digital marketing campaigns successful is to unleash the online budding community’s power. Instead of simply you pressing all the buttons, let your users interact with each other and foster an online community of likeminded people to interact and engage with each other.

All of this can be done with your guiding hand that nurtures them in the right direction. Plus, it would be best if you mitigated whenever things begin to get out of hand, acting as a moderator of sorts. 

For instance, at Wirecutter, authentic products reviews are huge and include experts and other interested parties. Wirecutter delivers consumer reviews and real recommendations from real people. People like them but also share them so that others can also rely on them to decide on what to buy next.   

  • Garnish Credibility & Authenticity

Businesses and brands nowadays are pursuing thought leadership relentlessly, and it’s no wonder. When your brand or business becomes associated with the consumer perspective of an authentic and credible establishment, your public rapport instantly shoots up.

However, this is definitely no easy task that can be easily accomplished. It takes consistent and unyielding efforts to deliver astonishing content on multiple digital channels. 

Plus, you also need to invest efforts to create a name for your venture amongst the masses so that your brand becomes revered in the eyes of the public.

Omnichannel marketing is a great solution in this regard as it offers a streamlined and integrated experience for users on multiple platforms. Even young learners, who seek a research proposal writing service, prioritize credibility first when choosing a platform or service provider.      

  • Heighten Emotional Triggers 

We human beings have always been fragile, and many of us find our emotions getting the best of us at times. The more stimuli around us, the more reactive we become, and it is based on these impulses that marketers focus on to cash-in on the current on-going campaigns. 

I know it sounds unethical to play with human emotions like that; however, many entrepreneurs and business owners would think of it otherwise.

In fact, many marketing strategies are rooted in psychological study. Here you can use FOMO as an example where simply the fear of missing out causes mobs all over the world to rush into major shopping stores like wild predators looking for their prey.      

  • Put the Solution First

Putting the solution first rather than your primed out product for your audiences can be a tad bit mindboggling for some brands and businesses. However, for those who put their clients’ concern and issue as a top priority, there seldom comes a time for them to run out of ideas. 

Encouraging clients to give back feedback and getting to know about their needs and desires puts you in a position to listen to what your customers want and deliver them a remarkable product or service to use. A fine example of this is Slack that offers engagement with users through #SlackTips on Twitter.  


It is important to note here that this is neither a complete nor an exhaustive list of ideas and notions that have been tried and tested to provide success for your digital marketing campaigns. A lot of companies are not bent on using video marketing and voice optimization for their branded products and offered services. 

As the digital landscape around us continues to grow and expand, things are bound to change with the passage of time. The future is indeed uncertain, and for now, we can only keep our fingers crossed. The best has yet to come.



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