If you’re searching for SEO services USA that are worth your time and money, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we’ll navigate through the array of SEO offerings from SEO agencies you should keep an eye on and help you pinpoint the ones that can genuinely make a difference — from technical audits to link building and content marketing, 

Technical SEO

Getting a technical SEO audit is similar to giving your website a thorough health check-up but for its tech side. The goal of any SEO company is to spot and fix any issues pronto. 

This process involves various types of audits that help diagnose how your website’s performing as a whole. Some of the things they’ll dig into include:

  • How fast your pages load
  • How user-friendly your site is
  • The way your website’s structured
  • Whether you’ve got duplicate content lurking around
  • How secure your site is
  • If your site’s mobile-friendly
  • Whether search engines can crawl your site easily
  • If your site’s using structured data
  • What Google Search Console has to say
  • The condition of your core web vitals

Link Audit and Link Building

A link audit aims to determine how healthy your link profile is by checking the number and quality of websites linking to yours.

So, what happens during a link audit? Well, an SEO agency should:

  • Organize your list of backlinks
  • Dig deep into analyzing those links
  • Give you suggestions on where to build new links and where to clean up
  • Present you with a report on your backlinks
  • Spot any pesky spam links

You should also have a link-building strategy, which you can approach in three ways:

  • White hat approach — getting links in a natural, organic way. No shady business here – just building up your rep and getting those high-quality links without any tricks.
  • Black hat approach — all about buying links, which can give you a quick boost. But search engines aren’t too thrilled about it. It’s a bit of a gamble, and it might not end well if you get caught.
  • Grey hat approach — involves outreach, writing guest posts, and reclaiming lost links. It’s not as risky as the black hat technique but not as organic as the white hat technique.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about crafting, sharing, and spreading valuable content tailored for your specific audience across various online platforms like your website, emails, and social media.

By consistently churning out excellent content as part of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll catch the attention of other businesses, influential people, and even those big-thinkers on the internet. They’ll start linking back to your stuff. When that happens, your blog will attract many visitors, and your website will gather impressive backlinks.

An SEO agency can help you create link-worthy content that you can keep pumping out on your site. They will:

  • Audit your current content
  • Craft fresh content
  • Get to know your target audience
  • Make sure your content gets noticed
  • Rule the social media game
  • Nail email campaigns
  • Cook up series like video series and podcasts
  • Keep track of how well it’s all going (those KPIs and stats)

SEOLeverage offers a Deep Dive SEO Audit – a super-detailed map of your website’s SEO health. It will help you figure out why your search engine optimization efforts aren’t hitting the bullseye, paving the way for you to fix things and boost your SEO game.

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves searching words and phrases people type into search engines when looking for stuff you’ve got to offer. The goal is to get those words up on the search results pages (SERPs) where people can easily find them, especially on the local SEO front.

But it’s not just about finding golden keywords — you’ve got to know which ones are worth chasing. That’s why keyword research involves:

  • Checking how often keywords are searched
  • Seeing how tough it is to rank for them
  • Figuring out what people mean when they type these keywords
  • Sneaking a peek at what keywords your competitors are rocking
  • Figuring out what kind of content you’ll need
  • Doing some old-school searching to see what’s out there
  • Throwing in some related words to cover all bases

Keyword research isn’t just a one-person show. You can combine it with other digital marketing services like content marketing and on-page optimization.

Asset Creation

Linkable assets are the secret sauce to getting people to share your stuff and throw in those all-important backlinks.

Imagine this: You’ve got a digital marketing agency that whips up an awesome piece of content that people can’t help but hit that share button. They’re also dropping those backlinks back to your site when they share.

But for this to happen, you have to create something link-worthy. Next, you must inform the right people about it and get it on various channels. SEO companies must also contact people who might be up for linking to your content.

Search Branding 

Diving deep into your brand’s online presence lets SEO firms build your online reputation in different corners of the digital world.

At SEOLeverage, we do a full-on investigation into how your brand looks on search platforms, then whip up a neat report for you that contains:

  • Google’s search components
  • Sneaky competitors who might be eyeing your spotlight
  • Potential risks 
  • Where you’re getting reviewed and how customers are rating you
  • Full knowledge panel analysis

SEO Consulting on Your SEO Strategy

If you’re looking to get the lowdown on how your site’s doing overall and want the inside scoop on all things SEO, then a sit-down with an SEO expert comes into play. They have the know-how to cover different SEO strategies and create a solid plan for your SEO game and other professional SEO services like web design and social media marketing.

SEO is like a race where the track keeps changing every so often. What was the winning move last month might not cut it next week. The secret sauce to keep growing your SEO success? Staying in the loop with Google. 

And that’s where a regular chat with an SEO consultant comes in handy. They’ll help you ride the wave of changes in the digital realm. 

At SEOLeverage, you can consult with Gert Mellak, our founder. He’ll dive into your SEO efforts and dish out tips on making your brand shine brighter using our array of SEO services USA.

Our team will review your processes and provide SEO support and recommendations on nifty SEO tactics. Book a call with our team today!


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