Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms. Young adults all around the world love Snapchat and its exciting features. One such interseting feature isn snapchtat friend emoji. With regards to that, many people ask what does the sunglasses emoji mean on Snapchat? Is it an emoji resembling your popularity or something else? This article will clear all your confusion concerning the meaning of the Snapchat sunglasses emoji and why it appears beside some individuals in your Snapchat friends list. Once you get familiar with the terminologies of the app and its works, I am pretty sure you’re going to love it. So, sit back and go through the article, and by the end of it, you will get all your confusion and queries regarding Snapchat solved.

What is Snapchat?

With more than 293 million daily active users worldwide, Snapchat is one of the most used social media of our time. This is Gen-z’s favourite way of giving updates about their everyday life happenings and staying in touch with their friends. Snapchat is a kind of social media app that has arrey of exciting and engaging features like, Snap-map, snap story, spotlight, streaks, and, not to forget, relationship emoji beside friends names. This app allows you to send snaps that could be pictures or videos. It is an excellent way of staying connected with your friends’ happenings without actually having daily conversations.

What does the Sunglasses emoji means?

The sunglasses emoji can appear beside another emoji in your Snapchat friend list. This emoji is a popular emoji used in this social media platform. It indicates that you and your friend share a common best friend in Snapchat. The best friend list can consist of one to eight members in Snapchat. The list is made by the clever Snapchat algorithms, which checks on your recent activities. People you sent most snaps in recent times are the ones featured in your best friends list.

Why did the sunglasses emoji disappear?

If the sunglasses emoji disappears, then it is either because your shared-best friend has fallen out of your best friends list or the other person’s best friends list.

All the Snapchat emojis are based on the recent habits and activities of the users. Thus it often changes. It can vary in some days, months, or even within some hours. All these changes are subject to the active hours of you and your friends.

Does the sunglasses emoji last forever?

The sunglasses emoji or any other emoji besides your friend’s name doesn’t have any set period for how long it will stay.

The emojis in Snapchat are based on recent activities and thus will change with your actions.

The snap-streak breaks if you or your friend do not snap at each other for more than 24 hrs but even that stays for a little more time until the information is cached in the Snapchat servers.

Difference Between the Sunglasses Emoji and Grimace Emoji in Snapchat.

Both the grimace and sunglasses emoji are somewhat the same. Still, the only distinctive feature between their resemblance is that the Grimace emoji appears if both friends have the exact same TOP no one friend, whereas the sunglasses emoji doesn’t care if you guys share the same top no one friends. It can appear anytime you guys share the same best friends be it 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

Some Other Snapchat Emojis and their Meaning

Grimace Emoji

If you ever see this grimace emoji beside your friend’s name, it resembles that the person is your trusted and good friend. The Snapchat algorithms work and display this emoji when they find out they frequently communicate regularly with a person you are in touch.

Fire Emoji

You will notice this emoji often in the Snapchat app. The fire emoji appears beside your friend’s name once you guys have formed a snap streak.

A snap streak is formed whenever you and your friend have been snapping at each other for at least three days in a row. There is also a number beside the emoji resembling the number of days you guys maintain streaks.

Also, a critical point to remember is that the streak doesn’t work if you send messages. Only sending snaps of pictures or videos continues the streaking between the friends.

Smirk Emoji

If you see this emoji, this indicates that the person is your top friend but is not the most trusted one. Snapchat suggests that although you are talking with the person frequently, there’s not much interaction.

Baby Face Emoji

This emoji commonly appears when you are new to Snapchat or have added someone new to your friend’s list.IF you are beginning to use Snapchat, this emoji will be a common sighting. Took a 50mg tramadol and in 45 minutes the pain was down to a 3

Smile Emoji

When you use Snapchat on a regular basis, you’re likely to see many smile emojis on your list. This emoji signifies that the person is a trusted friend of yours, and you guys share a lot of snaps and messages. However, the person is not on your top friend’s list.


This article covered all the information and the meanings of different emojis in Snapchat. It also includes information regarding the widespread confusion of ‘what does the sunglasses emoji mean on Snapchat”.I hope you liked the article and took away some unknown information about emojis and Snapchat. Have a good day.


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