Mornings are indeed not for everyone. Some people have to work into their morning gradually. And that’s okay. There is an ideal routine to start each person’s day in order for it to be its most joyous and productive – it’s just a matter of finding that niche.

A morning routine for success boasts the power to “ground” us, preparing our bodies, souls, and spirits for the day ahead. There should be a reduction in stress, an elevation in mood, and a desire to produce if we start the day on a “good note.” How you choose to do that depends on what brings these results. 

The key is not to jump out of bed to run to the car and drive erratically to work, grabbing a cup of coffee before sitting at the desk and staring at the computer. Maybe you’ll be at the construction site behind the wheel of a major piece of equipment or in the exam room primed to speak with a patient. 

You wake and take control of your day before it takes control of you, setting an intention for its course. That positivity will translate to the sort of effects you’ll produce as your day progresses, a plan for success.


What Are Some Good Strategies For A Successful Morning Routine

Morning routines are sacred for many people. It’s the ideal way to become grounded for the day’s activities or prepare the mind, body, and spirit for the challenges and potential stressors that lie ahead. Visit here for details on how a morning routine can influence productivity and overall success.

When each part of you has an intention on how to handle whatever might come up within the course of that day, you feel confident, self-assured, and capable. Plus, you’re ready for the mindset to accept those challenges and produce with conscientiousness and gregariousness.

Some components need arranging the night before in varied steps to avoid the potential for skipping these, instead choosing to sleep through. Mornings are still tough for some of us. We don’t just jump up and yell, “yay, morning routine.” It takes effort to avoid dozing back off.

You might need to put the workout clothes on your chair beside the bed, open a journal on the nightstand with the pen ready, and have the brewing station set so you can simply hit start, everything to avoid potential distractions. 

Once you dive into it, positivity will be spilling out all over the place. Let’s look at a few tips on making your morning routine as successful as possible for you and your productivity.

  • Ensure you indulge in optimum sleeping habits

The suggestion for optimum sleep is minimally 7-8 hours of uninterrupted, restful slumber each night. If you’re finding that you struggle to achieve this, the problem needs to be addressed since this can be a trigger for stress. 

It’s impossible to wake up feeling refreshed to participate in an invigorating morning routine when you’re still exhausted.

Severe health issues can result from missing sleep and can also be associated with the stress from the lack of sleep, not to mention the potential for profound mood changes. 

If you’ve taken steps to resolve the issue using standard “environmental solutions” to no avail, you must reach out to a primary practitioner for guidance.

  • Keep the devices in another room

It’s advised to turn the electronic devices off roughly an hour before going to bed because the screen scrolling can disrupt melatonin production, preventing sleep. These should be kept in another room, so there’s no chance of picking them up in the middle of the night when you happen to startle awake for a quick second. 

In that same vein, these should remain in the other room in the morning when you’re indulging in self-care with your morning ritual. Screen focusing distracts the attention away from where it should be. 

The mindless “dopamine hit” can surely wait until after you consciously indulge your mind, body, and spirit, a much better mindful activity to engage in before becoming productive for the day.

  • Fill up your hydration tank

First thing every morning, drink a nice refreshing glass of cold water. The indication is that doing this can improve many aspects of well-being like digestion, elevating mood and increasing mental focus, encouraging a healthy weight, and on.

Science also suggests when we should actually indulge in our caffeine intake. The suggestion is that water should be the course of the day until roughly between 9 and 11 a.m. 

The reason is that the body’s “natural alertness” or “cortisol level” is at its peak between 8 to 9 a.m. For those who want to benefit from the substance significantly, it’s better to hold off until later in the morning. 

Not too sure many “non-morning people” will go along with science on this. You can try to add a morning routine but back away from the coffee.

  • Look at the day ahead and make an itinerary of sorts

When you’re through with journaling, moving the body, making the bed, and ensuring that you’re focused, alert, and ready to get moving, take a look at what’s ahead of you for the rest of the day. Prioritize the things that will be most critical and determine how you will approach these for optimum productivity. 

Make sure to input periods when you can take a few minutes to realign with yourself, if only 10 or 15 minutes in the morning and the afternoon. Everyone needs a boost, and you should always avoid skipping out on lunch. No work duties take precedence over self-care.

Final Thought

A morning ritual is one many people are beginning to take advantage of in an age when wellness is becoming more important to individuals. Regardless of how minimal you make it or the luxury you allow yourself, it should create a sense of joy and a desire to go out and produce with the talent you possess.



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