There are industry-specific loans that can provide the required working capital when you need it. Small businesses are the backbone and represent a big chunk of an economy, scattered in various business types. These businesses need loan fundings from time to time for the smooth running of operations. Rather than going for a general loan, they can opt for an industry-specific business loan. These loans fulfil the unique needs of your type of business. You can receive a more effective loan product that involves an easy application process with better interest rates. Let’s look at a few types of industry-specific loans products for small businesses and the best tips to avail of them.

Business Loan for a Grocery Store

Grocery is an essential shop. People buy their daily needs products with them. They have a good turnover and need more space to function. Taking a business loan for a shop is the best way to expand your business. You can buy additional space, renovate the existing shop, add new sections to the shop, or open a new branch. 

Business Loan for a Dairy

Dairy is another essential line of business. Though still an unorganised sector, it is one of the biggest industries. To sustain quality and improvise on evolving products, they need a source of funding. If you are in the dairy business, then dairy loan products can help you expand and grow your business. You can invest in mulch animals and cows, increase fodder stock, and buy new machinery like chilling units, milk vans, increase product categories, and automatic milk collection system.

Business Loan for a Petrol Pump

Easy access to a petrol pump is essential in a populated country like India. It is a very profitable business but requires high working capital investment. Investing in land, licensing fees, staff wages, stocking of fuel, logistics, and other operations require a good amount of initial capital and steady cash flow. With options like a petrol pump loan, you can have a solid capital base to manage smooth operations. 

Business Loan for Medical Devices

Currently, there is a high demand for medical equipment or devices. As technology advances, new medical devices are required to arrest health problems. Medical stores are at the forefront of the same and seeing exponential growth in recent years. Manufacturing such devices in quantity and in time is crucial and requires cash funding from time to time. Getting a business loan for medical devices can help you procure raw materials, new machinery, improve logistics, and increase production. 

Business Loan for Restaurant

Restaurants are profitable ventures. People must eat, and they can splurge on food as their budget suits. A restaurant at the right location with good food quality will have higher footfall. Running a profitable restaurant requires constant steady cash flow for various aspects like licenses, staff salaries, quality food materials, and marketing. When the funding is low, one can opt for a restaurant loan. It can give an instant boost to your finances with many options to expand or grow your restaurant.

Business Loan for New Machinery

Manufactures are the pillars of any economy. They keep producing goods that help the economic cycle of purchase and sale going on. They need large spaces, many staff members, and newer machinery for ramping up production. With a machinery loan, you can purchase powerful and efficient machinery for your venture. It allows them to increase their productivity, saves time and earns higher profits from sales.

Business Loan for a Furniture/Home Furnishing 

Furniture markets or home furnishing product manufacturing and sales is a big business. People require furniture for houses, offices, and shops. Newer furniture designs keep on adding to the buying spree. Business requires good working capital for raw materials and woodcarver wages, shops and manufacturing units need big spaces Transportation costs are high. Few banks and NBFCs offer furniture loan, which can mitigate any emergency of funds and add value to your business. You can invest in new space, add more unique designs, use marketing potential to turn your sales into higher profit margins. 

Business Loan for Salons and Spas

It is another lucrative and profitable business. People like to look good for every occasion, and from an occasional haircut to a costly facial application, they can splurge on everything. This business at the start, especially Spas, requires a considerable working capital with top-class interiors, equipment, staff, investment in training and various beauty applications. There are salon loans available to infuse cash funds in your business for increasing quality or expansion activities. One should take the optimum benefit of the same. 

We just saw a few examples of industry-specific loans and how they can help your specific type of business. Let’s talk shortly about the tips to avail one for yourself.

  1. Chalk out a plan: A financial institution loves a full-fledged business plan, and yes, you should make one while applying for a loan. What is your current business position, and what are your future actions? Mainly how you will be utilizing the received funds. It can give a real boost to your application.
  2. Zero down on the loan amount: How much do you need? Ask yourself, and don’t go overboard even if you are eligible to receive higher amounts. Apply for a loan as per your requirement only. It will not put you in unnecessary interest burden later.
  3. Collateral Free: Most of these loans are unsecured business loans, which means you don’t have to put your asset as collateral. But then they are high on interest rates and low on the loan amount. With secured loans, you can offer collateral which improves your chances of getting a loan. In industry-specific loans, you can offer collateral specific to your business. For example, if you are in a software business, you can provide your trademark as collateral or if you are still starting your business registration of trademark is your first step. If you are a manufacturer, then you can offer machinery as collateral.

Businesses do have their ups and downs. When you feel that your business is cash strapped or you want to expand your business, you can always take help by getting a business loan. It will help you to achieve your business dreams.


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