Moving from one rental to another is the norm for Melburnians. However, we are still faced with the same problem over and over again, which is moving and storing our things. 

It is such a hassle to rent a truck, load it, unload it at the destination, and return the car again. That’s why in this article, we offer you a better solution , which is mobile storage pods.

We’ll cover anything you need to know about mobile storage pods, starting from how it works, how much it costs, to how to choose the right storage company for you.

What Are Mobile Storage Pods and How Do They Work?

Mobile storage pods are storage containers that can store your things temporarily while you are in the process of moving. 

The unique thing about these pods is the fact that they are moving with you. The pod will be attached to a truck and delivered to your house.

Then, the pod will be loaded with your things until its maximum capacity. After that, the truck will drive to your new house and you can unload your belongings.

How Do They Make My Moving Easy?

They make it easy by being mobile

When you rent a truck, you load your things into the truck, unload it when you get there, and cram everything into your new house, right?

That can take a lot of time to do and the mess when you just haphazardly pile your things inside the new house will annoy you.

These problems can be easily avoided with mobile storage pods. Same with the trucks, mobile storage pods will also come to your place. The difference is, you don’t have to pick up the pod. The company will do that for you.

Moreover, there are companies that offer mobile serviced pods, where they come to you, load your things, and transport it for you. That way, you can save way more time and money.

Another important benefit to note is that these storage pods don’t have a due date. Unlike a rented truck, you can only rent for a few hours, tops. 

With these storage pods, you have no fixed term contract with the company. Therefore, you can rent the storage unit for as long as you want.

Furthermore, the storage pod doesn’t need to be unloaded once it gets to the destination. You can just store them on your premises until you are ready to unload it. Then, after you are done with it, you can phone the company to collect it.

There, done easily and effectively!

How Much Would I Have to Pay For These Pods?

The good news is, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount!

Depending on how much space you need, you can choose from a range of container sizes, which are;

  • 6ft: Can fit around 2 bedroom worth of goods = $22.95 per week
  • 8ft: Can fit around 2,5 bedroom worth of goods = $29.95 per week
  • 10ft: Can fit around 3 bedroom worth of goods = $34.95 per week
  • 20ft: Can fit a 3-4 bedroom house worth of goods = $59.95 per week

See, not so expensive after all. So, with a price suitable for your budget, you can already get the best service and moving experience.

Tips To Choose the Best Company for You

Now, let’s note what characteristics a good storage company will have. We’ll list the criterias below;

  • Offers you no fixed contract. If they insist on a fixed contract, chances are you will be chased by a due date and frankly, not much different than renting a truck.
  • Tells you the range of sizes and prices. In the storage pods industry, there is no one size fits all. If they only have one size, you will either end up with too little space or too much spare space.
  • Gives you complementary protections. During transit, your things are bound to bump into each other. Therefore, good companies will offer you boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture blankets, and tie downs to keep your things still and protected.
  • Provides insurance. Damages can happen. If damages happen, you want to be reimbursed. Hence, make sure they guarantee that to get your money’s worth.

Key Takeaways

Using a mobile storage pod can help you save money and save time during your move. You don’t have to worry about driving back and forth with a rented truck. The storage company will handle everything for you.

Therefore, you can benefit from choosing a good mobile storage pod and a good storage company. Remember to choose the ones that guarantee no fixed contract, insurance, and tell you the prices up front. Plus points to them if they give you complementary goods. 

Now that’s settled, ready to give mobile storage pods a try?



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