At a time that the cost of living is consistently rising, we’re all looking for a way to cut back on our expenditure. One thing that sets a lot of people back in terms of finances is the cost of dry-cleaning. With many garments, it’s not as easy as simply throwing them into the washing machine, and this can actually result in a significant amount of damage. As a result, you won’t be saving money at all by washing garments that require dry cleaning in the washing machine, as you’ll be shelling out to replace them. Furthermore, if they required dry-cleaning in the first place, it’s unlikely that they were cheap. Read on to discover more about how you can save money on your dry-cleaning bill.

Bargain Hunt

The internet is one of the best places to find local dry-cleaning discounts. Simply search for dry-cleaners in London, dry-cleaners in New York City, or dry-cleaners wherever you may be based to find the latest discounts. Groupon is a great site to find these discounts, with offers of up to $40 off. If you can’t find any deals online, you might even speak to the dry-cleaner yourself and propose a deal; if you’re a regular and your offer is reasonable, it’s likely that the dry-cleaner will be quite happy to accept a bit of haggling. Just remember not to be insulting, as the dry-cleaner needs to be able to earn a living, too. 

Freeze Your Jeans

When investing in a quality pair of jeans, they won’t need to be washed very often, so long as the necessary measures are taken. Instead, you can fold your jeans and place them in the freezer for 24 hours. The severe temperature will kill any bacteria being harbored by your jeans and allow you to wear them time and time again without washing them. Not only does this save you money when it comes to dry-cleaning costs, but it will also reduce the number of times you need to put your washing machine on, saving on water and electric costs. 

Target Stains Only

Say you’ve worn something once and it doesn’t require cleaning apart from a small stain. A garment with an isolated stain doesn’t require a full dry-clean and you’ll be wasting money if you pay for such. Instead, you should dab the stain with dish soap and water or water and baking soda. Be sure to place the garment on a towel before doing so, as this will facilitate the moisture in being absorbed quickly. Once dry, your garment will be as good as new, and you’ll only have spent a matter of cents as opposed to a few tens of dollars. 

Opt For Handwashing 


Typically speaking, a garment can’t be placed in the washing machine due to the abrasive spin. Therefore, if a garment is suitable for dry-cleaning only, it can likely be handwashed gently. Despite this, you should get your hands on the specialist cleaning products in order to ensure that you’re not causing any damage to the fabric. Furthermore, you should ensure that the water isn’t too hot as this could cause colors to run. Finally, you should dry the item by laying it out on a towel and rolling it to be rid of excess moisture, as wringing it could also result in damage. 

Power Shower

Steam can lift stains, odours, and creases so why not leave your clothes hanging in the bathroom whilst you take a shower? This way you’ll be able to extend the wearing life of our garment and skip the excruciating step of ironing.


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