How to Register Axis Bank SMS Banking Services?

How to Register Axis Bank SMS Banking Services? :AXIS BANK SMS BANKING ACTIVATION & REGISTRATION- In today’s world it is very important to stay connect with your account details always. Via SMS Banking service keep a watch on your account. Each debit or credit and transaction in your account is enlightened to you by an SMS as soon as it happens. Because of this SMS banking services customers don’t need to threat with conciliate password. It also provides customers the eligibility to explore and stop the misuse of your bank account.

>How to Activate Axis Bank Mobile Banking?

How to link / Register for SMS Banking- To Register for SMS Banking, SMS Banking number is +919717000002 or 5676782.

Activate SMS Banking Via Phone Banking: Customers can simply register for SMS banking by calling on the Phone Banking number.

Activate SMS Banking by the ATM: Customers can also register by the account linked with their debit card.

  • Insert the debit card and enter your PIN number.
  • Select >> Other Services
  • In menu item select >> SMS Banking Registration.
  • Register the Mobile number.
  • Again enter the mobile number to confirm.
  • As acknowledgement of registration take the receipt. Account number on which the registration has taken place is printed on the receipt.
  • It will take 48 hours for the registration.

Activate SMS Banking Via Internet Banking:

  • View the site of
  • Click on the Internet Banking and login by entering your login Id and password. If Customers isn’t register for Internet Banking they did not access for the SMS Banking services.
  • Click on the >> Customize >>SMS Banking
  • Enter your mobile number, check for the ‘Enable for SMs Banking’ tick on the checkbox and submit to register yourself for the service of SMS Banking.
  • Registration process will be allowed in 48 hour.

Activate SMS Banking Via the Axis Bank Branch

  • Submit your request in writing at the Axis Bank nearest Branch.

Benefits of Axis Bank SMS Banking

Axis Bank SMS Banking

The Axis SMS Banking facility offered by Axis Bank comes with the following benefits:

  • Safety – This facility ensures that debit or credit transactions of a certain value is updated to you via SMS. No matter where in the world the customer makes a transaction using their credit or debit card, the bank informs the same to them. This ensures the safe usage of your card.
  • Time saving – This facility saves a lot of time as customers do not have to visit the bank or even the ATM to make transactions or just keep a track of their accounts.
  • Convenient – SMS Banking enables its users to practice easy banking instead of standing in long queues.
  • Easy access – Customers have an access to their accounts at all times and from anywhere in the world.
  • Automatic updates – Receiving automatic updates on registered mobile numbers helps Axis Bank customers keep track of scheduled payments and bill payments easily.

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