What is a cryptocurrency conversion? 

Cryptocurrency conversion is one of the easiest steps to take for any crypto market investor, trader, and other participants of this field. Although there are fees and a few other details to bear in mind. It is an immediate change from one crypto token to another that cannot be canceled after. Conversion gives the equivalent amount of one coin to the amount of the other one. Here is the guide on how to convert cryptocurrencies:-

There are plenty of online websites and platforms that offer such a service with the best conditions possible, and the guide is pretty much the same. Such terms as currency pairs or trading pairs are widespread among them which means the two currencies in the crypto conversion. Some cryptocurrencies can only be traded using other tokens, so some trading pairs are more prevalent than others.

Why convert

Cryptocurrency conversion allows swapping for the desired currency; exchanging the current currency for one that enables buying the desired currency. For example, you have Ripple, but need Ether to buy Enjin; and, finally, it lets benefitting from a stronger currency than another one and, by that, making a profit. You have to be firmly ascertained that the program you are using for the conversion is 100% safe and trustworthy. If you are trading large amounts of crypto, it is advisable to purchase a hardware wallet due to being much safer than their software alternatives. 

The guide 

The top five software with the most secure and easiest how to convert cryptocurrency guides are Godex.io, Coinbase, CoinMakretCap, Bitstamp, and Kraken. For crypto to fiat conversion – Gemini and Coinmama. 

Godex.io is the place where every single user’s data remains confidential, encoded, and anonymous. The transaction volume and number are limitless. The software utilizes International Currency Exchange Rate (ICER) for every exchange and conversion. Please follow the quick and easy conversion instructions on Godex.io: pick the coins to exchange and point out the amount → attentively check the recipient’s address and order details → click “Exchange”. 

Concerning the rest of digital conversion tools, their official websites also provide a lot of information about themselves, how they work, what services offer, etc. Here is the approximate guide relevant in each:

  1. Select a crypto coin needed and pick the one you want to trade. 
  2. Make sure you own a virtual wallet that supports both cryptocurrencies or at least the one you are exchanging. 
  3. Then the tools should display the amount to be received into the crypto wallet with some transaction fees. Please check if fees apply to be safe. 
  4. To process the transaction, proceed to supply your public wallet keys for the system to debit and credit the right accounts. 
  5. The platform validates the transactions, and both blockchains are updated. 
  6. The currency gets updated in your wallet. 






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