Scholars and social scientists have been studying and researching the issues that lead to divorce. Though the picture of the percentage of marriages that end up in a divorce might be relatively low the actual reality is that near about 50% of marriages culminate in a divorce, especially in the US. 

According to recent statistics, most couples usually divorce within the initial 7 years of their marriage. Later on, it is said that marital satisfaction increases when the couple progresses toward their 10th anniversary. You ask a Columbus divorce attorney and he’ll tell you that he comes across new reasons each time he faces clients. Let’s take a look at the few most common reasons for a divorce. 

Not enough commitment in the relationship

When people are asked to choose the most common reason for a divorce, they choose lack of commitment. This is a vague reason that couples might find it hard to prove, particularly to the person who is being blamed. The signs are usually related to several other reasons that lead to divorce like not being willing to speak about the relationship, having extramarital affairs, and not working towards their economic goals. 

Extramarital affair or infidelity

When a person moves out of their relationship in order to meet their needs, whether sexual or physical, this can finish a relationship. Once a partner feels ditched, it gets very difficult to trust back. Extramarital affairs account for 20-40% of broken marriages which ultimately lead to divorce. Infidelity is one of the main reasons for divorce and this is also counted as one of the main legal reasons for divorce. 

Difficulties with handling finances

Whenever a couple is not walking on the same page about dealing with their finances, this can lead to terrific relationship issues. In fact, reports reveal financial incompatibility to be one of the most common reasons behind the divorce. Things like different spending habits, one spouse earning more money than the other, and the constant power struggle between the two can take a marriage to its breaking point. 

Constant arguments

From arguing about household chores responsibilities to arguing about kids, continuous arguments can spoil any relationship. Couples that have a similar type of argument a number of times usually do so because they think they’re not properly heard or appreciated. There are many who fail to see the perspective of the other person and this leads to even more arguments. 

Weight gain

This is totally unfair and superficial but gaining weight is definitely one of the biggest reasons for divorce. While this may seem awful but it often happens that a considerable amount of weight gain makes the other spouse feel less attracted to the other. Weight gain can also hamper your self-confidence and can become a big issue during sexual intimacy. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been in an unhappy relationship and considering a divorce, you should keep in mind all the above-listed reasons in mind. 


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