Are you in confusion whether to buy the managed hosting server or the dedicated server? Then you are not alone. Here, you will know about the difference between both of them so that you are capable of making the right selection for your business. 

What do you understand by the dedicated server?

The dedicated servers are physical single-tenant machines that offer best-in-class hosting services which are famous among the customers due to the superior performance they have, customization options and the high-end security services. 

What Do You Know About The Managed And Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?

Managed and unmanaged dedicated servers provide various levels of services and associated advantages. They main differences include-

The unmanaged dedicated servers are responsible for all types of related equipment, servers, storage facilities and switches. They provide service level agreements on the hardware replacement, networking and power. Also provide choices for the providers to have pre-license and install the OS as per the wish of the customers. 

On the other hand, the managed service hosting can install and maintain the OS, install and maintain standard applications like the PHP, .Net, Apache, NGINIX. It also offers bespoke set up facilities with high end management. 

What Do Consider When Choosing Unmanaged Servers?

The unmanaged dedicated hosting procured by the provider is said to be one of the most scalable and customised and protected hosting solutions you can ever think of. Here, you can set up the own server but you will be responsible for all such upfront costs, overheads and the multiple relationship and also with other vendors. With the unmanaged server, these costs are gathered together in the way of monthly fee. 

As it is the unmanaged server, you will have all control you want and the limits will be with some specifications of the server. Just keep in mind that you will be solely responsible for software malfunctioning, security issues and poor performance. 

Features include-

  • Level of free support
  • Provisioning speed which is needed
  • Support real-time and 24/7
  • Cost of the additional support requests
  • Network performance metrics
  • Interconnection available

What Do You Know About Managed Dedicated Server?

As the basic level, you might think that managed and unmanaged servers are the same in terms of OS. Control panel, installing the scripts and standard applications. A reputed server provider will ensure that the server will run very smooth and it will include the reboots and backups, software installation along with providing support to the host. Here, you will responsible for the software malfunctioning, poor performance of poor server management but not the hosting provider. 

Choosing Between The Managed And Unmanaged Servers?

Managed servers include less heavy lifting at the end of the session, but you will need to pay for the extra help and control for the convenience. On the other hand, the managed servers are more labor-intensive and customization is available and saves on your overall cost. 

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