Everything You Need To Know About Ordering Custom Stamps Online

There are a few things you should know before you start the process of creating your own custom rubber stamp. Read on to learn more about the types of stamps available and the ordering process so you can be sure your next stamp is perfect for your needs.

Types of Rubber Stamps

There are several different types of rubber stamps available to suit your needs and purpose. Here are some examples of the most common stamps you can purchase online:

Self-Inking: These stamps are ideal for situations where you plan to do a lot of stamping, such as a work environment. Stamps that say things, like FILED or RECEIVED, are common choices for self-inking stamps since you’ll likely use these words several times per day on paperwork and important files.

Pre-Inked: Pre-inked customize stamps offer a clean and consistent impression each time and are ideal for detailed designs or logos. These stamps typically need to be re-inked less often than self-inking stamps.

Date Stamps: Date stamps are ideal for tracking paperwork and documents. This type of stamp is available in a variety of ink colors, so you can choose one that will be easy to see on the document.

Pre-Inked: These stamps have an ink reservoir that gets filled with ink whenever it needs to be refilled. This is different from a self-inking stamp which has a built-in ink pad that uses water-based inks.

Wood Stamps: These stamps have a wood top and are perfect for crafting. They are also more ideal to use with colorful or custom inks.

Ideas for Custom Stamps Online

There are a lot of different types of stamps out there. And once you figure out which one you want, it’s time to get designing! Custom stamps can be used for all sorts of things – from craft projects to business operations.

When you create a custom stamp, you get to pick your own icon or image, wording, and font. They’re perfect for teachers, and you can even add your name so your students will see it when you stamp their homework and other assignments.

A custom stamp is also an excellent alternative to traditional return address labels. Enter your name and address along with your own custom logo or image for a fun addition to the mail you send.

When it comes to crafting the possibilities of custom stamps are endless. Whether you’re working on a special scrapbook or you sell your crafts, using a custom stamp will give your projects plenty of personality.

Businesses can use custom rubber stamps to add their company logo or business name to important paperwork. Choose a font that’s easy to ready so your customers can clearly see your information. Small businesses love custom stamps since they can add their logo or name to stickers, labels, or packaging.

Tips for Designing a Custom Rubber Stamp

As you shop for custom stamps online, make sure you choose a size and design that will give you room for everything you want to include. Certain stamps may only allow for two lines, while others can allow for up to five.

When you send an image for your custom stamp, make sure it’s in black and white and not in color or grayscale. Your file should be in a standard .jpg, .pdf, .eps, or .tif format. Check to ensure that the image resolution is 300 dpi or higher.

Look at the image carefully before you send it since it should appear as you want it to look on a stamp once the image is applied to paper or cloth. A good tip is to print the image on paper first so you can see how it will look when it’s stamped.

The custom stamp will be laser-engraved on rubber and sent to you once your order is complete. Always make sure that your artwork or imagery is not copyrighted, as these images can’t be used for your custom stamp.

Once you receive your new stamp, it’s time to start stamping! Remember that custom orders may take a bit longer to receive than pre-made stamps.

The Benefits of Custom Rubber Stamps

Stamps are a versatile way to add images or text to paper, products, and more. Self-inking stamps create a well-defined impression with clear details, and they don’t require a separate ink pad.

If you need to stamp a lot of things every day, self-inking stamps make it easy. However, if you prefer the flexibility of custom colors, a wood or clear stamp works best.

Return address stamps make it easy to prepare and send mail fast, while teacher stamps are great for papers, especially if you have a large class of students. Small businesses will love the concept of custom stamps for packaging and packing slips.

A signature or an endorsement stamp is another great way to use custom stamps for your company. Using a customized stamp can save you time, energy, and money. Once your design is ready to go, you won’t need to buy any more labels or worry about running out.


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