Bitcoin is the modern currency that everybody is talking about. There are several aspects related to bitcoin that you need to know about before you start using it. Bitcoins are stored in specialised digital wallets known as bitcoin wallets. If you have not heard about it before, there are some crucial aspects related to explained below. It will enhance your understanding of bitcoin wallets.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Before you learn about the different types of bitcoin wallets and their functions, you need to understand the concept of the bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is a digital locker in the form of a software program that can be used to store bitcoins and make a transaction. Bitcoin is a digital currency which makes it obvious that you cannot store it in any physical location. So, every bitcoin user has a different bitcoin wallet that can only be accessed through a secret combination of numbers termed a private key. 

Each bitcoin wallet has a varying and unique private key. Bitcoin wallets are not only used for keeping bitcoins secure for online risks, but it also facilitates quick and easy bitcoin transactions. There are several kinds of bitcoin wallets in the market, and you can pick any one of them according to your preference. Bitcoin trading exchanges are online sites and software where buyers and sellers are automatically matched based on bids (buy order) and asks (sell order).

Let’s learn about different bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin wallet is virtual storage used to keep the cryptocurrency secure. There are different types of bitcoin wallets such as desktop, paper, hardware, desktop, etc. It is crucial to choose anyone out of them as each one offers unique features, which increases the confusion. So, to give you a better idea about the types of digital wallet and their working, some of them are listed below;

Paper wallet 

A paper wallet is a unique kind of bitcoin wallet, but it is not used in today’s modern world. It was quite popular in the past when bitcoin was newly launched in the market. It is a piece of paper that has a unique QR code printed on it. The wallet’s private keys are stored in that code, and the user can scan it to access the funds or make any transaction. With so advanced digital bitcoin wallets available, it is not recommended to use paper wallets nowadays. It is highly complicated to use, along with that, there is a massive risk of getting it damaged as it is only a piece of paper that can get damaged easily. So, you need to immensely careful while using it.

Mobile wallets 

Nowadays, everyone is looking for maximum accessibility, and mobile bitcoin wallets take complete care of that. If you want easy access to your bitcoins and make quick transactions 24×7, a mobile bitcoin wallet is a perfect combination for you. These wallets can be installed on your mobile phone like an application and allow you to store private keys and access the bitcoins anytime through your mobile phone. Mobile wallets are easy to use and allow you to make convenient payments with bitcoins.

Mobile wallets are based on a simplified technology which makes transactions simples and easier. There are quite popular but also has some drawbacks. If you are choosing a mobile wallet, you must check all the important features such as security, privacy, backup and compatibility so that it works well with your mobile and provide you with the best experience.

Desktop bitcoin wallets

There are digital bitcoin wallets that can be installed on the computer. You can install them on your system, and they will store the private keys on your hard drive, which will allow you to access them easily. When it comes to security, these wallets are always a better option as compared to web wallets as the private keys are under your control, and you need not store them with any third party. However, desktop wallets are also connected to the Internet, which exposed to online risks such as hacking.

It will be better if you use a desktop wallet for making quick transactions and keep a small number of funds in it according to your daily requirements. It will allow you to enjoy its accessibility while staying on the safe side.



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