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No matter what they do, some players keep losing online slot games. This leaves them to question why they keep losing slot games all of the time.

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Is it all about winning?

One thing that players often forget about online slot gaming is that it is not all about the winning. While it can be nice to take home more money that you entered the online casino with, there are many other reasons why online slot gaming is enjoyable for players. Slot games can have fun gameplay, an enjoyable theme and catchy soundtracks that will stay in your head for days – play online slots.

If you are only concerned about winning when you use online slots, players should realise that they are more likely to not enjoy their time at the online casino. This can leave players frustrated and angry when they lose, eventually causing them to make bad decisions when they play. Something that can be disastrous when they are staking their own personal money on the line.

Key reasons why you lose

Playing online slots does not involve much technique or skill, so you can be forgiven for thinking there is no rhyme or reason as to why you keep losing. However, there are actually several key factors that can contribute to why you keep losing. The following are some of the most common.

  1. Not knowing when to quit – One of the main reasons why you keep losing at slot games is due not knowing when to quit. There is a reason why the saming quit while you are ahead is popular in the gambling industry. The mathematics of house edge dictates that eventually you will lose, so it is always best to make sure that you quit before that can happen.
  2. Getting angry/frustrated – Another key factor that can contribute to losing slot games constantly is not keeping their feelings in check and getting angry or frustrated as a result. Although you may not think it, getting angry can really affect your chances of winning because it will cause you to make bad decisions whilst playing.

Tips to win

If you ever feel like you are really deep in a losing streak, there is no need to worry. Sometimes all you need to do is try something new. The following are some tips that you can use next time you use a slot machine, they can help you to win.

  •     Use bonuses wisely – One thing that players do while playing online slots is trigger bonuses, however most players have no strategy to do this. Sometimes it is better to wait and use the bonus at a more opportune time, rather than immediately.
  •     Bet within your boundaries – Some players don’t know their limits, this can be especially dangerous when they are playing with money on the line. Players need to bet within their personal boundaries, don’t worry what other people are betting with, focus on your own funds.


Losing at online slot is never fun, especially when you end up losing money. Players need to use their bonuses better and bet wisely in order to maximise their chances of a win.

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