change in IT is hard

We are living in a modern and digitally advanced world that has ensured new innovative features in almost all walks of life. Every sector has been influenced by new inventions, as they make a move from conventional norms to more digital and technological practices. Businesses and organizations have experienced a complete overhaul in the past two decades. Change in IT is hard-

However, organizations or even individuals find it hard to adapt to such quick changes, and they develop resistance towards it. Therefore, managing people and developing a changing attitude in them is not as easy as it may sound. The IT industry is a living example of how quickly technology experiences changes and advancements. Even though it might be difficult to cope up with, it is surely in the favor of the organization to adopt these new changes.

Why are employees resistant to change?

Individuals are normally resistant to change, and employees usually value stability and consistency in their work lives. So, a change usually alarms them because it is unpredictable and out of their routines. This phenomenon is even more complex when it comes to technology. Those who are following the same patterns and practices for the last one or two decades will not adapt to new technologies in a matter of days.

Employees also have a fear of the unknown as they doubt their potential and competency to take on the new technology. Moreover, past experiences can also be a major factor in triggering this thought. Fear of losing a job is also common in employees who prefer to stay true to conventional norms. As a result of this, organizations and even sectors find it hard to adopt new changes and developments. It takes them years to move on to the next invention or even software.

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Complications with the IT sector

The IT sector is one of the most fast-paced and developing sectors of modern times. Almost every individual is associated with it one way or the other. The IT sector consists of companies and organizations that produce software and hardware equipment. Also, the companies which provide internet-related services fall under the same umbrella.

The IT sector is vast and has a lot of extensions and dimensions associated with it. However, it is directly linked with global technological advancements and is exposed to them almost instantly. But several companies and organizations often experience repeated resistance in software development. Change resistance is a common phenomenon in software development projects.

How to overcome change resistance in IT?

Firstly, business organizations have to make sure that the new practices and trends they wish to incorporate into their ecosystem are in line with the real business requirements. After that, an organization should engage end-users and participants in the decision-making process. As much as they feel included, they will develop a positive attitude towards the change. These end-users know the market dynamics and realize the importance of change, thus their participation is critical in every aspect.

Change resistance can be of different magnitudes. Therefore, to implement change in a more proficient manner, software houses and technological firms should prioritize communication. The firm and the project head should be vocal and clear about the change. They should communicate its importance and significance to the employees, and it should not sound like an imposing order but rather a welcoming development.

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A proper communication plan that prescribes goals and targets for employees and teams can help in implementing change. One way of improving communication is to give a reason so the employees know that this change is a necessity for the company’s progress. Then they should be addressed about the solutions and the benefits of this change. By delivering the importance of the change, employees and teams will be able to visualize the future with enhanced results.


Change is important with time, as it facilitates almost everyone. However, organizations and sectors that are afraid to take bold measures and modify their technologies are often left behind in the race. This is why every organization should follow a proper channel and procedure to overcome change resistance in almost every field or sector in the world.

Nonetheless, the importance of this change is quite high in the IT sector, as it has been struggling to make that happen for a while now. Concrete steps and constructive measures are the keys to cater this issue, and this is the only way forward for employees and organizations at the same time.


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