Online roulette is one of the easiest games you can play online. No need to spend hours on research. No need for experience. All you need is to select a bet type and your wager amount.

Some online use RNG software to determine whether you’ve won or lost. Live casinos use a real roulette wheel controlled by a human croupier to spice up your gaming experience.

What’s more, the best online casinos feature a wide variety of roulette games. Below are some of them:

European Roulette

Almost every casino features European roulette. It’s the most popular roulette game out there. And it’s easy to see why. The game has a colored wheel with 37 numbers: 0-36.

You can bet on any specific number in European roulette. If you’re correct, you win 35 to 1. Of course, the odds of picking one of 37 numbers correctly are slim—37 to 1.

If you want to avoid the low odds of single-number bets, consider these wager types:

  • Black/red
  • Odd/even
  • High/Low
  • Dozen bets
  • Basket bets
  • Corner bets

Each bet in European roulette has specific odds and payouts. On the bright side, every wager type in this variant gives you better odds than American roulette.

Double Ball Roulette

Most roulette games have one ball that spins around the wheel to determine the outcome. Double roulette uses two balls for the same purpose. The game can be based on European roulette (single zero) or American roulette (double zero).  

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Casinos use compressed air to shoot both balls from a tube simultaneously, which reduced the chances of a collision. To win money in this game, you need to predict where both balls land.

Let’s say you want to bet on red. You win money if both balls land on red slots. For clarity, the double ball roulette payout for this bet is 3 to 1. For a straight number bet, you win 34 to 1 if both balls land on the same number and 17 to 1 if only one ball stopped at the correct spot.

There are more bet types in this game. A two-number wager pays 16 to 1 if both balls are winners and 8 to 1 for one correct ball. There’s also a jackpot bet—you win 1300 to 1 if both balls land on two correctly picked numbers in a single-number wager.

American Roulette

American roulette is Las Vegas’ answer to European roulette. But is it a good game? We’ll let you be the judge. Armed with 38 numbers on its wheel, American roulette has lower odds than the European version for nearly all bet types.

Want to bet on black/red? American roulette has 47% odds. European roulette offers 48% odds. Thinking you can win a straight number prediction? The casino keeps a 5.2% house edge on American roulette, double the 2.7% house edge in the European version.

Why does American roulette offer longer odds? It has everything to do with its extra number pocket. This extra slot contains two zeroes (00). It gives casinos a statistical advantage that’s much higher than that of European roulette.

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Many online casinos feature both American and European roulette. However, most experts recommend the European version because of its better odds and a lower house edge.

French Roulette

French roulette is a player-friendly version of roulette commonly offered online. In fact, it’s a tough game to find. The reason is that French roulette lowers the casino’s advantage significantly—as low as 1.35%.

A low house advantage increases your chances of winning. But it’s easier said than done. Think about this. French roulette lowers the casino edge from 2.7% to 1.35% only if you’re betting even money bet types: High/low, odd/even, or black/red.

If you place a 50/50 bet type and the ball lands on the zero slot, you don’t lose your bet. Instead, the game gives you a second chance through one of two rules:

  • En Prison: you get to place another similar bet while your money is temporarily “imprisoned.” If your second bet is a winner, you get your stake back.
  • La Partage: you receive half of your stake back instead of having to make a second bet.

Multi-wheel Roulette

Multi-wheel roulette is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a roulette game with multiple wheels—eight to be exact. Because it’s based on European roulette, it has one zero. 

The idea behind multi-wheel roulette is to help you place multiple predictions in one game. Keep in mind you place a bet for every active wheel. Let’s say you bet on red on all eight wheels, betting $5 per wheel.

You will have spent $40 ($5 x 8). But you get paid only for the correct predictions. If four wheels are winners, you get paid for these predictions: a 1:1 rate wins you $20. The casino keeps your money from losing bets. 

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Should you play multi-wheel roulette? This is an exciting game for people who love to take a lot of risks. It’s also a fast-paced game, which allows you to enjoy the game as much as possible within a small time.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette is a relatively new variant created by the folks at Evolution Gaming. It works like a TV Gameshow. There’s a human host, an LED wall that displays roulette numbers, and a console at the bottom of your screen to help you place bets.

Like European roulette, lightning roulette has one zero on its wheel. This keeps the house edge at 2.7%. But make no mistake. This variation is significantly different from European roulette.

For starters, a straight number prediction pays you 30:1 and not the usual 35:1. Secondly, the game has a feature that highlights five numbers at random to magnify your potential profits.

The electrifying effect occurs after everyone places their bets. Let’s assume you bet on number 12. Then the game highlights this number with an x500 multiplier. If the wheel stops at 12, you will get paid 500x your stake.  

The odds of winning a highlighted bet in lightning roulette are low. As such, play this game only when you want to have a little bit of fun. Play European or French roulette to maximize your profits.



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