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The development of technology has revolutionized our lives in the best possible manner. It has started covering all the domains and helps us in handling the daily routines with the assistance of modern-day tools and techniques. The same thing has applied to the documentation field, where the technology has brought up a series of modern-day tools to create and edit documents as per convenience. A PDF version of the documents is the most common of all that can be seen as a regular part of the academic institutions and professional hubs. However, sometimes the people come across scanned images or pictures of text taken from a camera. The people want the text from the images in the written form.   Previously, the users had to see and type the whole text that needed a huge amount of time. The process was inconvenient and boring too. Modern technology has created a solution to this issue by launching rich-featured OCR software. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. As the name suggests, it is a software service that recognizes the text from the images and scanned copies. The users will not have to type the required text by looking over the pictures. A large number of software services are available all over the internet in this regard that are offering the best features for the users. The following lines will tell you about the top 5 services to OCR PDF. Have a look at the available options and select the best one for you as per your needs.

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Talking about the professional tools, the name of OnlineOCR will always be placed at the very top of the list due to its unique and innovative features that are creating noise in the industry for all the positive reasons. The good thing is that the software is easy to use as the interface is understandable for every. This user-friendly interface makes it one of the best available options on the internet. The software was launched for the first time in the year 2009, and it works efficiently to recognize the text from images, scanned files, and PDF documents. The users need not register themselves, and anyone can enjoy the services just by going to the website portal on the internet. OnlineOCR supports as many as 46 languages. The users only have to select the language, and the software will recognize the text for them.

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Whenever we deal with our documents on the internet platforms, there are always some concerns about the security of the files. Some software services are not secure enough, and they use the files of the users without any permission. However, NewOCR is one of the modern-day applications that ensure the complete safety of the users. The software automatically deletes the files once the users download them. In addition to that, the users can go with any number of pages, and there is no limit. It will help you in recognizing the required text in the required language from a number of versions like camera pictures, screenshots, scanned files, and PDF documents. The best thing is that the services are free of cost, and the users will not have to pay anything to get the best OCR features. is one of the most comprehensive software applications that are available on the internet. It deals in all kinds of tasks that are attached to the PDF documents. One can edit, merge and convert the files using the platform. Similarly, when the requirement is to recognize the text from a PDF file, starts acting as an OCR application. The best thing about it is that it offers everything at a couple of clicks only. You just have to visit the website on the internet, and the software will do the job for you. There are no registration requirements, and one can go away with an OCR PDF of the documents in the shortest possible time. The software we are talking about is one of the most reliable, multi-featured, and user-friendly options that is available on the internet.

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Google Docs

Anyone who deals with the online documentation of the office files will be fully aware of the services of Google in this regard. Google Docs allows you to create online documents as per your requirements. In addition to that, it can also be used to OCR different types of file versions. You can handle the individual pictures, or you can go with multiple PDF pages that are combined to take the form of a huge document. Like all the other above-mentioned services, it also offers the services without asking for any money or registration documents. Besides, google docs also support multiple languages, and you can ask the application to recognize the text for you as per your needs.


Last but not least, PDFelement is another wonderful option that can be used to OCR the PDF files for you. You can also perform a huge range of functions related to PDF documents. The whole working of the software service is easy and straightforward for everyone to handle the mechanism on his own. You just have to upload the images and scanned PDF files. It should be followed by selecting the language of your choice. Once you are done with this, the application will recognize the required text, and you will be saved with a lot of time.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up the things, we can say that the development in technology has created a storm in the industry, and our lives have gone much easier to a greater extent. The OCR software applications can save a lot of time for you by doing the recognition the text as per your requirements. The above-mentioned options are some of the very best in the business. Give the above lines a detailed read to select the best option for you.


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