Canadian online casinos

Canada is home to the world’s largest casinos, and Canadian online casinos and what’s even more interesting is to know that you can win big jackpots in these casinos. With all the big bonuses and jackpots that you can see while you visit an Online Cricket Betting ID. You might wonder if are they even true? 

We’ll tell you the answer to this question, let me tell you about the biggest wins at online casino reviews Canada in 2021. We have listed some famous casino wins that will blow your mind and will make you think for once are they even real or not? 

$11.6 Million On Mega Moolah- Canadian online casinos

What happens when you just bet for $1.50 from your mobile device and it can land you up with a jackpot of $11.6 million. This same thing happened to a person in the UK, who eventually hit the jackpot while playing a mega moolah online slot. 

$17.3 Million On Arabian Knights

Arabian nights is an online slot game that was wildly famous among people in the 2010s. This game got hype when suddenly a player from Norway in 2011 managed to get a jackpot of $17.3 million. 

This win went crazy as nobody thought that a game like Arabian Nights could land you up in a jackpot-winning like this. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Kevin N. Cochran.

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$19.9 Million On Mega Moolah

Jon Heywood placed a $0.25 stake and managed to win a $19.9 million jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot. Mega moolah slot is considered to be the best payout giving game. As you will come across people who have managed to get payouts that could free them from their job for a lifetime.

$22.4 Million On Mega Moolah

With just a bet of $0.75 per spin and fewer than 50 spins, would you ever imagine winning a jackpot of $22.4 million? If you think that is not true then you might think again. 

This happened with a man from Canada who won the jackpot of $22.4 million by playing mega moolah. This is considered to be the biggest win in the history of this game of mega moolah.

$24 Million On Mega Fortune

The biggest win in the history of online slots was made by a poker player in Finland. He tried his luck in a mega fortune online slot while having a bet of $0.25 per spin. With this, he won $24 million from the game alone, which is sufficient enough to make him retire from his job for a lifetime.


These biggest online casinos wins are worth mesmerizing and noteworthy. As gambling is nothing but a game of luck, and whosoever has good luck for the day can win jackpots. 

The thing is to never stop trying and keep practicing the games that you love to play. And ultimately the day will come when you will get a big jackpot for yourself also.



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