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You probably own a few screen-printed shirts and design clothes and Customized Clothes as a typical millennial. The shirts might be anything from a corporate logo to a favorite movie quotation or character from a favorite show. These “iconic” statements or graphics on cotton shirts have become fashionable. Some of your ‘nicer’ garments may feature silk-screened embellishments. 

If there are certain printed shirts that we don’t give a second thought to, there are a few that we know you’d like to maintain in the best possible shape. Take, for instance, the latest Pulp Fiction T-shirt you received last year as a birthday gift. 

Even if you wash it like any other shirt, it will rapidly lose its “charm” and begin to appear shabby. With this in mind, we’ve put together some simple cleaning instructions for shirts and Customized Clothes with printed images or quotes.

When Washing a Shirt, Always Flip It Inside Out


Doing so will assist in maintaining the pattern on your shirt while also ensuring that it is thoroughly cleaned and washed. If you disregard any of the other rules on this list, make sure you adhere to this one. When washing, the image will be less ruffled if you turn the shirt inside out before putting it in the washer. 

The picture is likely to be damaged by the machine’s friction. When a shirt with a medium or poor print quality is washed, the colors fade, and the garment becomes unwearable. Once it’s been cleaned, it comes out cracked and discolored. Good custom shirt companies, like Printailor, use high-quality materials so that the print doesn’t crack quickly. 

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Don’t Wash Custom Shirts in Hot Water- Customized Clothes

You should wash custom shirts in cold water, and only when necessary should they be washed in heated water. Because of the silk’s plastic-like properties in cotton shirts, the patterns will bubble, split, or peel when exposed to high temperatures. 

Skip Bleach and Fabric Softeners 


There is less movement on a delicate cycle. Thus the printed image is less likely to wear and tear. Less wear and tear means longer print life. Remember that harsher, stronger chemical detergents may cause undue wear and tear on the custom design; thus, gentle detergents are advised. 

Avoid Overloading Washing Machine

Despite what most people know about the dangers of overloading a washing machine, overloading a washing machine can harm your clothing! If the shirts are white, make sure you only wash them in cold water with white clothes.

Style Tips for Air-Drying

Remember those old-fashioned washing lines? They’re still the finance method to dry your clothing. This prevents your print from shrinking unexpectedly, ruining it, and causing a tear. Dryer heat and hot water washing are the primary causes of shrinkage in clothing, especially cotton-washed clothes. 

Be careful to keep your garments out of direct sunlight when you go au naturel. The sun’s rays, in particular, can damage the colors of the prints. 

How to Iron 

Not ironing your printed shirts is the primary approach to getting the best results. The iron against your clothing is not a good idea. It’s risky since anything from melting the print to tee burning might happen. Even if it’s for a date or dinner with the family, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to ironing. 

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We recommend using the lowest temperature setting and ironing the shirt inside out to keep the impression intact. You may also try putting a piece of fabric between the iron and the shirt for additional protection. 

Avoid saturating the print with water or steam before ironing it since this might lead to cracking and burning of the prints. You should also be aware what kind of print your custom shirt or hoodie has before ironing it to avoid unwanted damages.

Storing Tips


Suppose you’re looking for a place to store your clothing, avoid the boiler room and the basement. Next, make sure your clothing is clean, dry, and folded. Clothes enjoy being out in the open while worn, but direct sunlight can fade them, particularly the prints. 

Instead of folding your t-shirts, roll them up and store them in your closet with care to avoid distortion of the pattern, and it may even prevent you from damaging the t-shirt printing. There are a few types of personalized tees that need special care. You’ll get the longest lifespan for these products with the proper maintenance.

In the personalized apparel sector, Printailor works with retail experts with a proven track record. Its custom-made hoodies and t-shirts are of the highest quality, guaranteed by some of the greatest quality control specialists. Customer care is available day and night, seven days a week, for assistance. Sign up and begin your design today!


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