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Smart tech gadgets are undeniably having a moment in the spotlight, especially when it comes to smart glasses. These glasses are an ideal fit for the ongoing, post-pandemic work paradigm – it allows the users to eliminate the struggles of working remotely. This high-end tech has been specifically designed for the professionals that belong to designing, engineering, or editing fields, as it provides a more collaborative and interactive work experience. – Powered Glasses

Smart/AR glasses not only provide the users with a more enhanced work view, but also allow users to receive phone calls, listen to music, and enjoy Bluetooth connectivity on the go. So, just in case you are also thinking to get smart glasses for yourself, you have landed at the right place. Below, we’ll mention our top picks of smart glasses for 2022. 

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Ray-Ban Stories

Developed by Ray-Ban, Stories are a unique addition to the smart glasses collection for 2022. It is mainly famous for its ‘supercool’ design which never gives you a nerdy look. Currently, it is available in three gorgeous designs – Meteor, Round, and Wayfarer, and that too in five colors (blue, glossy black, olive, brown, and matte black). Oh, and that’s not all. Ray-Ban Stories features six types of different lenses as well i.e. dark blue, dark gray, clear, brown gradient, green, or photochromatic green. Sounds exciting, right?

The set also features high-end Bluetooth headphones, along with a capture button on the right side which allows you to capture instant pictures. Besides that, there’s a touch-sensitive surface that provides you with the call, playback, and volume control buttons.

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The best part is that you can also upload the images and videos recorded with Ray-Ban Stories on Facebook. But obviously, you are going to need a stable internet supply for that. So, do not forget to connect to a high-speed internet connection like Grande Internet so that you quickly upload your pictures/videos on the go!

Grande Internet is not only fast and reliable but also extremely affordable for all types of users – its monthly packages are starting from $35.99 only per month. 

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Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses- Powered Glasses

Vuzix Blade has recently launched its upgraded version which offers even more advanced features than the previous model. It features a powerful Augmented Reality processor along with its noise-canceling microphones, high-end speakers, and a fine-quality camera. 

These glasses are best known for their extraordinarily brilliant hardware features and an in-built 8MP camera that is capable to record HD videos as well. Not only that, its noise-canceling microphones allow the users to take phone calls, and customize the voice control settings as per their liking. 

Vuzix Blade upgraded version also offers UV protection along with ANSI Z87.1 safety certification, and prescription lenses at an additional cost. Besides this, the product offers an exclusive autofocus HD camera to the users, and a full-color display for the right eyeglass that takes your smart specs experience to the next level. It could be an ideal fit for users that are looking for additional features in their smart glasses, other than just Bluetooth and headphones. 

TechKen Sunglasses

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TechKen Sunglasses are an ideal fit for users that are looking for budget-friendly options – these are available for $16 only on Amazon. It has all the essential features of high-quality smart sunglasses. Its built-in Bluetooth headphones beautifully extend down from the arms of the sunglasses, making it a perfect gadget for exercising and other outdoor activities. Also, its polarized lenses protect your eyes from harmful, ultraviolet rays. 

The best part is that TechKen Sunglasses have pre-attached wireless earbuds into the glasses so that you keep enjoying music without any fear of losing your earpiece. The headphone is also pretty flexible – you can easily move them forward or backward as per your liking. Also, its built-in microphone allows the users to attend phone calls even while driving. You can also adjust the volume, and play and pause music buttons from the glasses directly.

Bose Frames- Powered Glasses

The Bose Frames are obviously much more high-tech than TechKen sunglasses, due to their fancy price. Currently, the Bose Frames are available for $154 on Amazon, and $199 at Walmart, which is obviously a big price difference from TechKen sunglasses.

The Bose Frames feature combined sunglasses and headphones along with better quality audio from any of the other glasses on this list. Interestingly, Bose Frames look just like your regular sunglasses – so, if the style is your top priority, then Bose could be the right brand for you in smart glasses. The best part is that Bose offers five different audio sunglasses designs i.e. the round Rondo, the square Tenor, the rectangular Alto, the sporty Tempo, and the cat-eyed Soprano. So, you have a wide range of options to choose from!

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The Bose Frames have built-in speakers attached to their arms that are tucked behind the users’ ears. Although there are no in-ear headphones, still its high-end design prevents the audio from leaking to other people into your surroundings. This allows you to enjoy your music at higher volumes, without disturbing your neighbors. Isn’t that wonderful?

Interestingly, the Bose Frames also feature an exclusive Augmented Reality platform, which is still in its initial stages but is dedicated to showing some promising results for AR audio experiences. The product already has some high-processing features like motion tracking and gyroscopes that make them compatible with AR apps. Soon enough, you can expect the Bose Frames AR-Powered to hit the market with a bang!

In a Nutshell

We hope you enjoyed reading about the above-mentioned features of different Smart/AR-Powered glasses. Do let us know in the comments below about which glasses you liked the most from the list. 

Also, you need to remember that some of the Smart/AR-Powered features do not work without high-coverage internet connectivity. So, always make sure that you connect to a fast, and reliable internet connection like Grande internet before you put your smart glasses on!

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