Russia is sending vaccine to Caribbean 

COVID-19 is a serious disease in those countries, but Russia will help spread the vaccine all over the Caribbean. People from Grenada can get vaccinated against COVID-19 with a drug made by Russia called Sputnik V. Let’s see about Russia is sending some of its vaccine to countries in the Caribbean.

Oleg Firer, the ambassador of Grenada, put a lot of effort into making this deal go through. One good option for fighting COVID-19 is the one from Russia. If you read till the end of this article you will know why.

Many people around the world are relying on Sputnik V.

In the Russian Federation, there are about 146 million people. The nationwide vaccination campaign started in Spring and will vaccinate 30 million people by mid-June and almost 69 million by August. The country has been hit by the pandemic and domestic demand for Sputnik V is high. The Russian government understands how important it is to support countries that can’t make their vaccines, so they export Sputnik V to them.

Besides Russia, over 50 other countries from all around the world have already registered Sputnik V. They have made requests for 1.2 billion doses of this product. Grenada will not just take it and then stop there. We will help to distribute the product across the Caribbean region as well.”

The Grenadian government will take care of the approval process and logistics for the Sputnik V.

Who made Sputnik V?

People in Moscow built this. They are world leaders. The people who built it have been around for a long time.

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The initial competitive advantage of this product was its low price. It was announced that the dosage would cost around $10 when it is distributed internationally. Some countries’ real price of a shot might be a couple of dollars higher. But it is still cheaper than the other options. For example, one competitor costs around $39, and that is split into two doses ($19.5 each).

How Does It Work

Sputnik V has a virus that does not have a reproduction gene. It is injected into the human body, but it makes you immune to COVID-19.

This is not a new technology. The difference of this technology is that there are two vectors and not one. Thanks to this approach, the product has a prolonged effect. Both shots are given into the muscle in 21 days.

Russia promised to deliver 1 million doses of vaccine to Grenada. One dose is two shots and with 1 million people, they can all be vaccinated. Sputnik V makes humans immune for 2 years. New strains of coronavirus are being discovered and this virus mutates so it’s hard to know what people will get.

The developers say that they can easily change Sputnik V to deal with a new virus. They will do this in just 24 hours.

Safety and Efficiency

In February 2021, The Lancet published an article about a study they did. They vaccinated 20,000 people with the Russian vaccine and in the study, it was 91.6% efficient.

This product can be used by people who are over 60 years old. It is safe and has minimal risks. The experts admit that it is the safest vaccine on the market. This vaccine works even if a person gets coronavirus after they have had their first shot of the vaccine.

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About Oleg Firer

Oleg Firer is in charge of supplies to the Caribbean Islands. If you want to learn about international relations, then you have heard his name. Oleg was not born in Grenada but he still helped out. He was born in Ukraine, but when he was 12 years old, his parents moved him and his family to America. Oleg likes it because many people wanted to start businesses and make money. Oleg became an entrepreneur at 17 years old by going into business with electronic stores.

Mr. Firer has never been in politics before. But he is a businessman and has done well with that. He is good at many different types of businesses, like real estate, entertainment, and electric vehicles. He also is very smart when it comes to investing and managing people.

Oleg came to Grenada to help the healthcare sector. He is interested in telemedicine, which is looking at people remotely and diagnosing them with medicine. He also promotes blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the Caribbean. The Grenadian government gave him citizenship because of his good work. They then made him an Ambassador to Russia. After a while, he noticed that there is a need for more collaboration on vaccinations.

He acted quickly and got the best conditions for the agreement. The demand for Sputnik V is growing rapidly around the world. The sooner a country orders a batch of this product, the quicker its people will benefit from it.


You can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by relying only on international collaboration. One example of this is the Russian-Grenadian cooperation agreement. This was largely because of Oleg Firer’s efforts. Sputnik V is a good choice because it is both affordable, efficient, and not too bad. Hopefully, the people in Caribbean countries will be able to get it soon.

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